Steve Riding Tony

Steve Riding Tony

Can we please get some of Big Ol’ Steve riding Tony like a prize stallion? Everyone could use some more bottom Steve (on top hehe)



You know, I actually don’t know many of those that are standalones.  I know that has been featured in some fics (like The Prize), but it isn’t really the focus, just a scene in a longer fic.  Anyone have some suggestions?  Here are a couple I could find, but even with these, I wouldn’t say the riding is the focus.  Still, hope you enjoy:

Nighties and Sweet Surprises by within_a_rustic_cafe:
Steve is a mopey mess when he sees Tony in the headlines with a
beautiful woman…when he sees Tony he is ready for the inevitable news,
only for Tony to have a sweet surprise all his own.

Best Day Ever…and the Night Was Pretty Good Too…Until It Wasn’t by JinxedTiger:Tony’s been acting differently. It could almost be disconcerting if Steve wasn’t enjoying every minute of it. The day after the ‘Charity Incident’, as Clint called it with an eyebrow wiggle, Tony spent the entire time with Steve. An entire day dedicated to him.  And it was amazing.Tony’s full and mostly undivided attention for hours….The night is just as good…Until of course, The Avengers are called in to handle a little problem.Steve’s not happy. Neither is Tony.

Ah if it’s okay, I have a couple to add for this! (It’s not the main focus but it’s featured?)

Snap by CapnShellhead: Steve Rogers is bad at one night stands but Tony Stark is even worse.

Relax, Darling by cptxrogers: Steve is stressed and tense after a hard mission.

Luckily for him, Tony and his tongue are available to relax him in a variety of delightful ways.


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