Tony’s Past and the Press

Tony’s Past and the Press

Hi. I was wondering if you had any recs where Steve reads some of the things in the media/finds out about some of the stuff Tony did before he became Iron Man? Either real or exaggerated by the press? e.g. being a playboy, weapons he developed etc. Thanks

Fake news!  Fake news!  LOL, but seriously, try the media recs, and here are a few others you might like:


Off the Press by flightinflame:
Tony’s life is finally beginning to go the way he wants it to.  Then the
press find out about him and Steve.  They are convinced that Captain
America deserves better and Tony thinks he might have to agree.

Paparazzi by Tacuma:
The paparazzi are driving Tony, billionaire and most wanted bachelor,
crazy. He is so tired of their accusations that he tells them how things
really are.

Being Wrong by Nix (Crimson Quills):
Prompt: “Steve isn’t in it for the money.”

My Question His Answer by kitteekatz69:
Q and A with the Avengers. When a reporter asks Tony a particularly mean question, Steve steps up to defend him.

oh boo HOO Tony Stark’s Billionaire Life is So Hard by Heartithateyou:
Its only supposed to be a press conference, so how does one reporter make Tony question everything he is.

My World by @queendophne:
Tony is freaking out about the press conference that will publicize his
new relationship with Captain America. As for Steve…well he knows
exactly how to diffuse the situation.

You Can’t Believe Everything You Read by Heartithateyou:Steve is fed up with all of the lies that are printed about Tony.So he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Stop the Presses by Thette: “Welcome to the twenty-first century, Stevie-pie. Let
me guess, we’re having a sordid affair and Fox News calls you Captain
Unamerican?“Steve sputtered and coughed. “What’s Fox News?” he asked when he had gathered his wits again.“JARVIS, relevant headlines.”“Of course, sir. Your description of Fox News was most accurate.
MSNBC went with the formal ‘Billionaire Tony “Iron Man” Stark with
Avengers Teammate Steve “Captain America” Rogers Seen at Maria Stark
Foundation Gala’, but their gossip blog wrote an article titled
‘Hot-hot-hottest Superhero Gay Action?’ On CNN, you currently come in
second after Lindsay Lohan, with the headline ‘Tony Stark’s New Fling?’
The New York Times only mention you and Captain Rogers as a possible
explanation to Stark Industries’ twenty point stock gain.“

Three Little Birds by maxie boy:
The Avenger’s attend a press conference. Something is said to Tony, and Steve doesn’t like it.

Fake Smiles and Broken Masks by Odium333:
Everyone knows who Tony Stark is: that asshole on the news, that genius
guy that’s a bit of a dick, that friend you sort of put up with but when
the team are kidnapped and a few things are revealed about Tony’s
childhood via magic spells, the team must reevaluate a lot of their
opionions on his ‘petty, spoilt’ personality.