Hi sabre! Do u happen to have any more watersports fics like the ones in ur hard kinks 2 list? Thanks!

The only ones I’ve tried were on the hard kinks list, but here are some others that you might enjoy:


Wet by cruisedirector:
He couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the sensation, and the last time he’d
done anything like it, he’d been ten years old in a public swimming pool
on a dare from Bucky.

Go for the Gold by orphan_account:
Steve discovers just how arousing an accident in the middle of the night can be.

Attempts at Bonding by WattStalf:
Tony takes Steve out in an attempt to build a friendship. The outcome
involves him drinking too much and overestimating his bladder

bjs by rogers by captainstarspangled:
As a 14-year-old senior, Tony is a victim of bullies almost every day.
When one day they surprise him in the restrooms, he finds himself wet
and crying. Junior Steve, who’s also Tony’s crush, enters and manages to
cheer him up quite well.

meetings and water by captainstarspangled:
Tony is not allowed to get up during meetings anymore, as the others
fear he would run away. Desperately having to pee and sitting on Steve’s
lap was surely not what Tony had planned for the day.

Territorial by singularthey:
Steve wants to be Tony’s good dog, but he also wants Tony to be his.

(includes puppy play)

Cream cakes (Stony) by BloodthirstyMerc:
Tony had to go and soil Steve’s pancakes

A Small Problem by OmoTony:
All his life Tony has had a small problem, inconsequential really. I
mean he doesn’t need to be physically close with people or share a bed
to live, so it’s fine, really. Sometimes he just wants to though.

Cap’s Problem by IshipALMOSTeverything:
Steve and Tony switch hotel rooms, Tony wets the bed. People think Steve has a problem, Steve covers Tony’s ass

Kinktober 2018 prompt by @shetlandowl

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