Self-Sacrificing Steve

Self-Sacrificing Steve

Hi Sabre! I’m sorry if you already make this list, but if you haven’t, do you have some recs about Tony or Steve sacrifice themself to save the other/the team? Sorry for bad english and thank you!

Self-Sacrificing Tony recs are here.  But, here are some suggestions for Self-Sacrificing Steve!  There are a lot of fics that I think feature this, but not many that actually tag it, so if anyone knows more, please reply in the comments. Enjoy!


(Just Like) Starting Over by @georgygirl-247: Seven years ago, Steve broke up with Tony because he thought it was the Right Thing to Do™ for both of them.But he never asked Tony.And now it’s seven years later, and Tony has decided to very publicly remind Steve of a promise he made to him once upon a time.Or, Steve and Tony dated in college, broke up, and now Tony wants Steve back again.

Use My Skin to Bury Secrets In by capsicleonyourleft:
Frankly, Tony’s had enough of Steve making the sacrifice play.

This is Not a Test by @festiveferret:

Sacrifice by stardxst: At the end of Infinity War, Tony comes back from Titan to find Pepper
gone. He reaches out to the Avengers yet again, trying to fix their
broken bonds. Steve has assumed a leadership role once more, Tony’s
usual arrogant demeanor being thrown aside in his grief. Amidst
everything, both Tony and Steve were mourning, trying to grasp the last
of their moments with their lost ones.They start to have to depend on each other, and be there when the
people who grounded them were gone. As they try and find the Infinity
stones and get their family back, they come upon a terrible decision. On
Vormir, they approach where Red Skull is waiting, explaining how to
retrieve the soul stone.

Resistance by @thegraytigress (WiP): After being kidnapped during a fight, Tony and Steve
find themselves in a nightmare unlike any other.  They’re millions of
miles from home and trapped in an alien labor camp that can only be
described as hell.  There’s no chance of being found, no hope of being
rescued, and they’re facing deplorable conditions, vicious guards, and
other prisoners who are sadistic and cruel and just desperate to prey on
them.  Again and again they’re told they only have two choices in this
place: work or die.They choose something else.  Survival.

As the World Falls Down by @ayapandagirl:
It’s all in flashes, when it happens.

Hurt Steve + Stuck in a Cabin and Sequel by sabrecmc:

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