Non-Sexual sub!Tony

Non-Sexual sub!Tony

Hi! Could you give me some recommendations of dom!Steve and sub!Tony? Not only about sex stuff, but also Tony doing something submissive to Steve? I hope I don’t confuse you! Thank you for your wonderful blog, it keeps my fangirling side alive.

Interesting!  First, try the Gentle Dom Steve recs. Okay, so I admit that I haven’t read much non-sexual BDSM, but here are some ideas for you:


Wanting More by ThePangolin:
Steve waits for Tony to return home. He gets much more than he bargained for when he does.

The Stark Response by amproof:
Inspired by wanting more blindly faithful, brainwashed sub!Tony and doing-his-best reluctant dom!Steve.

Cliche by Gothic_Lolita:
Steve demands to take care of Tony, and he doesn’t mind Tony’s subspace one bit. Now if only he could convince Tony of that.

Steve Rogers is kinkier than you think by Heartithateyou: Tony likes Steve. Steve likes Tony. Which seems perfect
until Tony starts thinking of every single way he could fuck things up
between them.So he tells him a little white lie about why they can’t date.But how was he supposed to know Steve would take it so seriously.

A Purr as Soft as Wind by deliciously_deviant:
Tony gets closer to the team, and maybe forgives himself a tiny bit.

The Other Side of the Coin by FestiveFerret
Tony’s a brat. It’s just the truth. There’s always that voice in his head that tells him to push, refuse, disobey. And that means no dom has the time or patience or skill to take him down into the subspace he craves.

That is, until he meets Steve Rogers.

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