Hi Sabre!!! First of all I’d like to thank you for making all the recs!! It really makes my life easier. So I want know if there are any fics that Tony is a boss of Steve and they kinda in secret relationship because Steve scares of what ppl might think of him dating his boss? I know it’s really specific but anything with Tony being Steve boss is okay too!! Thank you!!!

Probably the best bets are going to be in the Steve is Tony’s PA recs. Here are a couple of others with a Boss/Employee type relationship:


Tony Doesn’t Love Drama (It Loves Him) by @tonystarkssnipples: Steve carefully folded his fingers together and took a
steadying breath. “With all due respect, sir, I do not think it would be
a wise idea for me to be a part of this project.”Steve seethed.
His boss did this all the time; talked him into doing things they both
knew were not good for Steve. In the end, Steve always went along with
what his boss said because that’s how jobs worked.-or- Steve is a photographer hired to take pictures of Tony Stark and they end up falling into bed together.

Who’s the Boss? by susanowa:
Steve’s boss drops by. They’ve never actually met face to face before. I wonder who it could possibly be.

Creativity by Tacuma:
Pepper hired a new, very handsome, graphic designer, and warns Tony that he can’t take their new employee out for coffee.

The Butt Slapper by Tacuma:
Tony Stark accidently slaps the ass of his new graphic designer, Steve
Rogers. To make sure Steve won’t think he is some kind of pervert, he
goes around and slaps as many butts as he can, which isn’t as easy as it

let’s get it on by Tav:
What do you do when you run into your boss who is also scrolling through
the appalling gay porn selection at the DVD store on a Friday night?
You go home with him and together you make your own, of course.

a boner to pick with you by danthezijn: based on the prompt:BOSS: Know why I called you in here?
ME: Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic
BOSS: [stops pouring 2 glasses of wine] Accidentally?

Workplace Etiquette by JuniperLemon:
Tony is sent down to thank the Art department for their hard work in
Stark Industries. Pepper will undoubtedly be mad when she finds out that
Tony has asked out their only artist, Steve Rogers.

look at your life, look at your choices by nightwalker:
Steve was aware that his tone was rapidly leaving “hushed whisper” in
the dust and careening straight into the territory of “frantic wail” but
it was either shatter Bucky’s eardrums or die right there in his
cubicle of a heart attack.

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