Edwin Jarvis

Edwin Jarvis

Do you have any fics that have the OG Jarvis? Please and Thank you!

I have found that I really love the original Jarvis as a character.  He’s a delight to write.  Lots of fics feature him in some role, but here are some suggestions you might enjoy.


Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy by mybrotherharry: The first time Jarvis holds little Anthony in his arms, he is overwhelmed by emotion that is surprising in its intensity. When little Anthony’s palm curves around his finger, Jarvis ducks his head to keep the others from seeing the wetness in his eyes.“Hello Master Anthony,” he whispers into the little ear, tugging the bundle of blankets closer to his heart.

No Other Opinion Matters by AkikoFumi:

Maybe Tony doesn’t care about what his parents will think should they find out he is not straight… but he does care about Jarvis’ opinion. What will happen if Jarvis finds it out he’s in a relationship with a boy?

Namesake by @missbeckywrites:

An innocent question leads Steve to look up Edwin Jarvis, the former Stark family butler who gave JARVIS his name, and bring him back to New York to see Tony one last time.

The Old-Fashioned Way by @missbeckywrites:

Steve has a question he needs to ask Jarvis. What better opportunity than on Father’s Day?

The Lengths That I Will Go To by @polizwrites: After forty-five years, Howard Stark discovers the wreck of the Valkyrie and that Captain America somehow survived the crash and nearly a half-century of being frozen in the ice.Tony Stark, having been brought back to the fold after several years of freedom, finds himself face to face with his childhood idol (and teenage crush) when he is recruited to help care for the recovering Captain Rogers, whose existence is being kept a secret.

Humbugs and Heart by MountainRose:

Tony’s hurt, and there’s only one place Jarvis knows he’ll be safe. At least they have met the man, or this would be exceedingly awkward. (It’s not awkward, Steve would never make this awkward.)

Lesser Demons by sabrecmc: Peggy leaves Steve something in her will.

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