Someone Has a Stalker

Someone Has a Stalker

Seriously love you and the hard work you put in making these recs. Truly you are the greatest contributor to the stony fandom. I was wondering if you knew any ficus that either Steve or Tony have a stalker and the other gets super protective

I actually only have a few suggestions for you, so maybe others can add some ideas, but here you go:


Every Breath You Take by Marvellous:

Anon prompt on Tumblr: Steve dealing with a stalker, and Tony finding out about it.

There Should Be More Happy People by meh_guh:

Tony’s had plenty of experience being the object of someone’s obsession; hey, he’s awesome, who can blame people for loving him? He’s even an old-hand at restraining orders, though it was always Pepper who filed for them. Which might actually be a problem now that she’s left New York. Damn.

Don’t Take My Things by kitteekatz69:

Steve has a stalker, who eventually drugs him and kidnaps him. Tony searches for him, and when he finds him, beats the hell out of the kidnapper.

Watch Your Light Go Out by @elise509:

The incident in Washington D.C. is not the first time The Winter Soldier has tracked Steve Rogers. Nor will it be the last.

A Promise Unkept by @kurowrites: Tony asks Steve to be his fake lover to get rid of a stalker. He also promises him that he won’t regret this.Steve should have known this wouldn’t end well.

Ghost Watch by daroos:

Steve has the feeling someone is watching him.

Keep Your Heart Close to the Ground by Cassy27: “I don’t know how you managed to talk me into doing this,” Steve mutters, “At least give me his number. If something were to happen–”
“Hell no,” Thor protests, his gaze snapping upward at that, “I’m not giving you the guy’s number so you can cancel the date at the last minute.”Everyone feels it’s time for Steve to move on with his life and forget about his busted relationship with Bucky. It’s easier said than done, but Steve decides to give this blind date a chance. He’s ready to move on, too, though it’s hard, what with Bucky refusing to give up on him.

All the Time in the World by @missbeckywrites:
When his search for Bucky leads nowhere, Steve reluctantly accepts
Tony’s invitation to come to New York and join the newly-remade
Avengers. He’s not exactly sure if he even likes Tony Stark, so no one
is more surprised than he is when he finds himself falling into bed with
Tony almost right away. Just as one part of his life is coming
together, though, another falls apart. Someone out there is not happy
about Steve’s new relationship with the infamous Tony Stark – and will
do anything to destroy it.

(thanks to @drakyrna-shipping for the rec!)

Paved With Good Intentions (I’m on the road to hell) by @itsallavengers:  (WiP):  When the mysterious group of vigilante assassins known
only as ‘The Avengers’ are tipped off about the dirty secrets that lie
within Stark Industries, Steve Rogers has his heart set on taking out
Tony Stark for good in order to protect the rest of the world from his
evil. He’s seen the footage, after all- Stark is a man who fights only
for himself. And of course, when a job arises as chief bodyguard for
Stark, to protect him from the growing threat of an ominously infatuated
stalker, the opportunity is way too good for him to miss out on. It’s
the perfect placement, and the perfect way to find out whether or not
their tipoff is genuine. But as Steve falls into rank as the new
bodyguard for Mr. Stark and he spends time getting to know and protect
him, his initial hatred begins to falter and merge into something
different, something far more terrifying than the prospect of killing
the face of Stark Industries.Steve Rogers may just be falling in love with him instead. (thanks to @stony-industries for the suggestion)

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