Orgasm Delay/Denial

Orgasm Delay/Denial

Hi Sabre! Do you know of any fics with orgasm delay (especially delay) or denial? Everyone loves their smut with a bit of edging, right?? Thank you 😀

An Anon after my heart.  Here are some suggestions for you:


Patience by Dienaziscum:
After a night out at a ritzy gala, Steve ties Tony up and makes him demonstrate some patience.

Not yet by Dienaziscum: Once upon a time, there was a provocative gif. And I did a bad thing, and I committed the sin of tagfic, and lo the world of Tumblr was subject to my vagaries. This is what happened.

America’s Golden Boy by orphan_account: The only difference now is that Steve can’t take care of him, can’t rest his hands on Tony’s hips, can’t-“Hey, big guy.” Tony’s voice is strained.

That Sweet Edge by morphia:
When Tony suggests to spice up their sex life, Steve takes it as a personal challenge.

Carrot and Stick by KandiSheek:
Tony has never done well with being denied anything. So Steve takes it upon himself to teach him some restraint.

One Little Word by KandiSheek:
Stark men don’t beg. Too bad Steve didn’t get the memo.

voglio sentirti by lackluster_lexicon:
Steve returns to Stark Tower ten months after leaving Tony in Siberia.

Mirrors by 3BeesandCoffee3:
Steve likes teasing Tony in front of a mirror until he’s begging for him to fuck him.

Dirty by @kiyaar;
More snips from tumblr! Orgasm denial featuring Steve’s Very Competent Hands. And Begging.

Our Secret Little Game by AnimeLoveLover123:
They love playing this game, even if Steve tries to deny it.

Sensitive to the touch by fillmeupdaddy: Of course, Steve would never let Tony fall over that
plateau of ecstasy. And as soon as he was too close, big hands would
pull his hips away from the comforter, away from the delicious friction
on his needy cock. It had been at least two hours since this torture
started, and Tony was sure he was going to die soon. Porn without plot.

That Fuckbuddies Story with Mutual Pining series by @serinah80:
Basically, it’s the trope of ‘we’re having sex and pretending we’re not
in love with each other, because surely, the other doesn’t feel that
way’. Because – Steve and Tony!! Oh – and there’s a lot of kinky sex, because OF COURSE their kinks complement each other’s.

Take off the Suit by @serinah80: “Take off the suit,” Steve said in a hoarse voice. With an effort, he raised his eyes to Tony’s. “Now.”Still
grinning, Tony brought his hands to his tie and started to slowly pull
it off. His dark eyes seductive, he pulled the tie over his head,
dropped it on the floor and reached for his jacket lapels.“Stop.”

On Camera by @festiveferret:
Steve’s heart skipped a beat. It was beyond ridiculous to get attached
to one of his regular clients but somehow, over the last six months, he
had. StarkNakedGenius wasn’t logged on for every show, far from it, but
he was on for a lot of them, and whenever he was, he tipped like mad.

Best Shavasana Ever or Tony Really Is a Supervillain by yasminakohl:
Steve is a crazy, insane, idiot who needs to take his self-preservation into consideration more often. Or the one where Tony has ‘that smile’ and Steve kind of hates him for it.

What the Heart Wants (and the Mind Refuses) by Renai_Chan:
Steve discovers the reasoning behind Tony’s self-destructiveness, and as
a good boyfriend, does his best to provide an alternative for it. But
when he starts enjoying himself a little too much, he realizes they’re
spiraling towards mutual destruction and opts out, only for Tony to fall
back into old patterns until Steve figures out what he truly wants.

Prove Me Wrong by Renai_Chan:
Tony and Steve have a little bet that may or may not involve sex toys and semi-public sex.

Don’t Keep Me Hanging On by damiensirius:
Tony didn’t say anything, but decided to just wait and see what Steve
was gonna do. At first it didn’t even seem that bad. Steve grabbed the
lube and slicked his right hand with it. He wrapped his fingers around
Tony’s cock and jerked a few times. Tony moaned and his hips bucked up,
but way too soon, Steve’s hand was already gone again. Then he felt
something pressing against the tip of his dick and Steve pushed it down
over the whole length. In the second Tony felt the tightness around his
shaft, he remembered what they had also bought.
A cock ring.

Promises by blacktofade:
Steve has super stamina and Tony keeps coming way before he’s done, so
in the end Steve just sticks a cock ring on him and goes at him.

Ignore Me by @neverthelessthesun: “Go on,” Steve murmured. “Get to work. I’ll amuse myself.”Steve interrupts Tony while he’s working, and doesn’t take kindly to being ignored.

I won’t leave you falling by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony doms for Steve, which involves some specially enhanced red rope,
cock rings, two vibrators, and a lot of orgasm control.  It works out.
Bottom Steve, trembling and desperate to come, loving dom Tony, plenty
of aftercare.

How Much It May Storm by @blossomsinthemist:
“Doing good?” Steve murmured, and Tony nodded, his head spinning,
his body throbbing, aching for something, needy and hot.  He ground his
hips down against Steve’s fingers, looked up at him questioningly. “You
want me inside?” Steve murmured. His fingers petted at Tony’s cheek
gently, slid over the back of his neck, petting through his hair, and
squeezed. “You ready for that, mister?”
Written for Day Twenty-Seven of Kinktober: Orgasm Denial.

Please Please Me by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve looked so beautiful flushed and wanting, on his knees, begging.
Written for Day Four of Kinktober: Begging.

keep quiet by CapnShellhead:
Tony really thought he’d have more private time with Steve after the
mission, but their time was cut short. Nobody was allowed to miss team
movie night. Steve didn’t let that stop him.

What a Lovely Way to Burn by thepretender501: Tony’s not exactly known for his patience. He invents
machines and computer programs and hires people to make the process of
waiting disappear. He can’t wait for a pizza let alone an orgasm.
“Steve, I really—really want to–”“I know, I know. But imagine if we wait, how much better it would feel.”