Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Here are some suggestions for fics to make your day even brighter. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Surprise by @wordsplat:
Steve gets an interesting surprise on Valentine’s Day.

Reignition by @wordsplat:
Both Steve and Tony forget about Valentine’s Day, but luckily they’ve got Peter to remind them.

Valentine’s Day Gone Awry by @tonystarkssnipples:
Tony didn’t forget about Valentine’s day, he just forgot it was today.

Coming Up Roses by fitz_y, @imafriendlydalek:
 The world’s most beautiful creature, clearly God’s (Darwin’s) gift
to mankind, is standing right in his path as if he’s been waiting for
this moment, for Tony to walk into his life.

 Okay, Tony really needs to stop letting Happy talk him into watching Downton Abbey so often.

 “Happy Valentine’s Day,” Tall, Blond and Gorgeous says with a
1000-watt smile. An arm is stretched out towards Tony, a red rose in his

 What the hell? Is he dead? Has he died and gone to heaven?
Unlikely – he’s pretty sure that, if there is an afterlife, he’s not
going up in the clouds. Is he being Punk’d?

(Stupid) Artificially Intelligent Cupid, or That Time Tony Wrote a Matchmaking Algorithm To Get Steve Laid, Because That’s How He Rolls by uraneia:
Steve has the worst luck when it comes to dating, so Tony writes a
matchmaking program to help him find the right girl. Then the program
overrides his parameters and hands him a clue.

How Not to Declare Your Love by reona32:
It’s Valentine’s Day and Steve wants to do some big gesture to declare
his love to Tony. He decides to buy him a giant, 6 foot teddy bear. It
doesn’t work the way he expects it to but it still ends with them as a
couple. He’ll take what he can get…

Steve’s Silky Special Surprise by within_a_rustic_cafe:
Steve loves his lingerie. Tony loves Steve in the lingerie just as much.

As Sweet as Chocolate by stargirlchrina:
It’s Valentine’s Day at Avengers Tower, and today is the day! The day
Steve finally tells Tony how he feels. He’s written a card for it but
when the time comes to give it to Tony, Steve can’t do it. Natasha helps
there, startling him so bad he drops the card into Tony’s pile of gifts
from fans and family. What’s Steve to do??

Tony Stark’s Valentine’s Day Chocolate Mayhem by Dormammu:
Nothing says “I like you. Go out with me?” better than a gigantic
chocolate heart threatening to fall over on some innocent people.

the one where Tony is wrong by pure1magination: Tony has the perfect Valentine’s Day planned. The only problem is, Cap doesn’t seem to be up for it. In fact, Tony is pretty sure their relationship is over.(spoiler! it’s not)

In a New York Minute by @missbeckywrites:
Shortly before Valentine’s Day, Steve and Tony are accidentally outed to
the world. Already uncertain of where they stand, now they have an
additional worry to contend with.

Ten Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Busy People by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve and Tony do their best to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.
They’re busy and it’s not perfect, but it ends up surprisingly romantic
all the same.

Just Like This by @blossomsinthemist:
 “You are,” he murmured in Tony’s ear, “the sweetest, most generous, most wonderful boyfriend a man could ever have.”
Steve and Tony share Valentine’s Day together, and Steve wants to make a point.

Heartbeats Accelerating by quicksylver28:
Happy Valentine’s day. Shameless, plotless smut.

141 Characters by StarkLovesStripes: It’s Valentine’s day. Steve tweets.or the one where steve pines over Twitter with a total stranger.

Valentine’s Day by Heartithateyou:
Its Valentine’s Day and Tony isn’t feeling very festive. Maybe a secret someone can turn that around.

Valentine’s Day by nightwalker:
A small collection of stand-alone short stories about various Valentine’s Days Steve and Tony have celebrated.

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