Confident in Bed Steve

Confident in Bed Steve

Can you rec fics where Steve is more “confident” while courting or in bed?

Sure thing, Anon! Who doesn’t love confident Steve? Check out the Steve Woos/Courts/Flirts With Tony list and the Sex God Steve list.  Here are some more suggestions for you:


Relax, Darling by @cptxrogers: Steve is stressed and tense after a hard mission. Luckily for him, Tony and his tongue are available to relax him in a variety of delightful ways.

The Highest Form of Friendship by @chibisquirt:
“Imagine if I’d met you back in my hellion days,” Tony says, and Steve groans out loud.

There’s a mental image, here.  Well, Steve’s a visual kind of guy; mental images are how he operates.
The mental image is of a baby Tony – okay, not baby; Heyday
Tony, let’s call him – and Heyday Tony has dark eyes and a wide mouth,
and the little pin-scratch frown that Nowadays Tony wears all the time
these days has been magically retrotransformed into a confident smirk.
Heyday Tony has the same lean strength that Nowadays Tony has, but he looks
taller because he bears himself more aggressively, more
straight-backed.  Heyday Tony has poofy hair and a tendency to look all
the way down, and all the way back up, at a person – regardless of
gender – before meeting their eyes.
Steve knows: he’s seen the videos.
Has maybe studied the videos.  Has maybe spent more time on that activity than strictly appropriate…“Can we not?” he pleads. “It didn’t happen that way, and it did happen this way, and that’s how it is.”

Blue Movie by BewareTheIdes15:
Alright, look, confession – Tony has been masturbating to Captain America since he was thirteen.

Restrain Me, Captain by Impala_Chick:
Tony thinks Steve is innocent only to learn he’s into restraints.

what you like times two by @gottalovev:
To Tony’s delight, Steve Rogers is a lot kinkier than the WWII newsreels had led him to believe.

Number by StarSparkle2403: That one time Tony’s friends doubted his ability to pick up guys.

I’m ninety-five, I’m not dead by RonWeasleyAKALittleLionMan:
Tony Stark is insufferable. Steve is determined to retaliate. Tony
should be scared, but he’s a little too busy being turned on right about

More Than Friends by Pearl_Unplanned:
After the first time they have sex, nothing really changed.The
fighting didn’t stop. If anything, it got a bit more heated, they got a
bit closer, and after everyone thought they’d left to go cool off, the
angry sex was great.But that was just about it. More sex, not that
Tony could complain, because Steve was amazing in bed. Here he’d thought
for so long that the man was a blushing virgin. He learned the truth
before they’d even made it to the bedroom.Tony really didn’t want to
complain, because this was more than he could’ve hoped for, but when
he’d watch Steve walk into the room with that tight white shirt and
those loose pants, barely hanging onto his hips, he couldn’t help but
want more than just sex.

Oral Exercise by Del_Rion:
Steve tries his hand at the teasing game – or rather, his oral skills. Tony appreciates it more than he’s willing to admit.

When Our Day Comes by thepartyresponsible:  “Damn, Rogers,” Tony says, “did Lady Liberty teach you to kiss like that?“ Steve blinks at him. He’s always been distracting. He has always
been the kind of beautiful that can break necks when he walks into a
room. But this close, the view is downright devastating. Tony’s eyes
drop to Steve’s mouth, red and wet, and he almost forgets how breathing
works. “Well,” Steve says, after a beat, “she is French.”

Heat and the Popsicle by psychoticstark:
The weather isn’t forgiving so Steve buys Tony a popsicle.

Push Ups by NotEvenCloseToStraight:  It started out as a joke. “I can definitely do
more push ups than Steve.” Sam said casually– oh so casually– over
cereal one morning. “His muscles just look pretty, there isn’t any real
strength there.” “You can definitely do more push ups than
Steve.” Bucky casually– just so fucking casually– agreed, studiously
ignoring the way Steve was coughing milk out his nose and swearing about
how badly Trix tasted coming up the wrong way. “Your shoulders can
carry the weight of the world, Steve’s are only there to balance out
them ridiculous tiddies.” “Oh Sam can 100%, no questions asked,
without even breaking a sweat, do more push ups than Steve.” Clint had
to raise his voice over the ruckus Steve was making in the background.
“Sams arms are like ebony pillars, Steve’s look like the supple limbs of
an Irish milk maid who spends the afternoons staring at her reflection
in ye olde river in the back of ye olde pasture.” “I can definitely do more push ups than Steve.” Sam decided. It started out as a joke. Then Steve yelled, “SQUARE UP MOTHERFUCKER!”

you shook me all night long by carolinka:
“God, I wish we could do this in every square of this place,” Steve
growled into his ear and Tony’s brain was already malfunctioning, his IQ
down by forty points at least by that point, so he couldn’t even
register the meaning.

Playboy by @robintcj: After The Avengers but before the events of Captain
America: The Winter Soldier, Steve is living in D.C. and working for
SHIELD. Tony is still living in Malibu, but they’re making the
long-distance thing work. Tony shows up to surprise Steve on his days
off, wearing a trench coat, high heels and a pair of black rabbit ears.Steve is confused, sure, but he’s also totally on board.

Less Than Three <3 by @robintcj: A visit/attack from Loki leaves Tony in a very unusual predicament –
there are two of him. What’s a guy to do, besides seduce himself? Seduce
Captain America?… Well. Why not?This lives in the
nebulous world post-Avengers, where everyone is happy and they all live
in the tower together. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

Mark XXX by @robintcj: Oh, look, another filthy, filthy threesome porn. This
time, it’s Steve/Tony/Iron Man Armour. No plot, mostly porn with a
little bit of cracky humour. It’s dirty, and I’m sorry.No I’m not. I’m not sorry. You know what, you’re all down here in the muck with me.

The Scent of Love by avengersincamphalfbloodtardis: Prompted from the Stony Loves Steve event! Steve’s addicted to Tony’s scent.Steve
has a heightened sense of smell from the serum. Now if only he could
figure out exactly what it is that makes Tony smell so good.

Running a Fever by TonyStarkish:  Both Steve and Tony accidentally get sex-pollen in their systems. They fuck it out. That’s it. That’s the plot.