New Fics (Aug. 1st 2019)

New Fics (Aug. 1st 2019)

Hi! Thank you for all the work you put in your rec lists, they’re amazing! I just wanted to ask if you can recommend any newer, finished fics? I was so busy, I missed out on anything that’s been published recently, except yours and sinealas work. So if you know anything that’s new(ish) and good, I would really appreciate it!

Your ask is now a bit old, sorry about that.  It took a long time to get through these, but here are some recently completed suggestions for you!


and so begins by romanoff:
After Tony’s death, Steve is adrift. He carries Tony’s body, and thinks: I never said thank you.

Deep End by @festiveferret:
SHIELD has found a way to make Project Rebirth work – something Tony’s
father was never able to accomplish. An unexpected side effect has Fury
begging Tony for some rather unusual help: the painful procedure has put
their volunteer, a sub called Steve Rogers, so deep into subspace he
can’t come up on his own.

Hey, u up? by @festiveferret:
Tony’s plastered, and all he wants is to hook up with his ex-boyfriend,
Ty. Sure, he deleted his number from his phone, but he has an elephant’s
memory, even wasted. No problem.

Fever (series) by @some-blue-jack: Steve hates his bi-annual checkup. “Mr. Rogers?” Nurse Grace calls, and he inhales sharply before standing up to follow her into the back.He
answers the standard “how are you doing today?” and “is there anything
you want to mention to the doctor?” questions, and he tries not to
fidget, but it’s hard to keep still.He’s just getting so wet.

Resistance by @thegraytigress: After being kidnapped during a fight, Tony and Steve
find themselves in a nightmare unlike any other.  They’re millions of
miles from home and trapped in an alien labor camp that can only be
described as hell.  There’s no chance of being found, no hope of being
rescued, and they’re facing deplorable conditions, vicious guards, and
other prisoners who are sadistic and cruel and just desperate to prey on
them.  Again and again they’re told they only have two choices in this
place: work or die.They choose something else.  Survival.

Go Ugly Early by @just-another-tinker​: He’s The Captain?This was not good. This was so not good. There
were theories of course, of what The Captain would look like. Most
followed the typical Hollywoodesque belief that he was some version of
the Godfather, sitting in a dark room with a cigar, commanding his
forces with a flick of his wrist.  There were even some that even
thought that The Captain was not one person, but a whole network of
people with eyes and ears everywhere.The blonde Adonis in front of him was definitely not what Tony was expecting. Of course, in the end it didn’t matter. There was a reason no one knew what The Captain looked like. Because anyone who saw his face never lived to tell the tale.

Reject Your Reality (and Substitute My Own) by @robintcj and @dapperanachronism: Single parent Tony Stark’s son is the most important
thing in the world to him – the ONLY important thing in the universe. A
hipster Brooklyn coffee-shop owner & veteran doesn’t even rank on
the list – even if he is hot and funny and kind.When he hears
about the possibly-high-traffic-and-therefore-dangerous coffee shop
moving in next door to Casey’s preschool, he does the only sensible
thing he can think of – he confronts the owner and tries to convince him
to open his shop elsewhere.Of course, Steve Rogers is stubborn as hell, and it turns out he can make a mean cup of coffee. It sounds like an ordinary kid-fic coffee shop AU, but look a little closer and nothing is quite what it seems.

Five Seconds by nanasekei:
From the moment Steve suits up, he knows what he’ll do.

a myth to many by nanasekei: “What I’m about to ask you has no relation to our
alliance,” Rogers continues, his voice a lot steadier now. “I come here
only in behalf of myself, and what I’m about to ask, I ask as a man, not
as a soldier.”Howard feels as if he can see the anticipation
growing in the room, almost as a cloud forming over them. The guards
don’t bother hiding the shock in their expressions, and even Jarvis
can’t fully disguise the curiosity, his eyebrows quirked.Rogers
takes one short breath before locking his eyes with Howard’s. His blue
gaze is almost peaceful in its resoluteness, as if there’s an element of
inevitability in what he’s about to say.“I’m here to ask for your son’s hand.”

I could lie tangent to your curves by @thegertie:
Steve is bodyguard to a prominent young socialite with too much genius
on his hands… and who has taken an unfortunate shine to him.

A Problem of Identity by @cptxrogers:
Steve knows he and Iron Man could be happy together if only Iron Man’s obnoxious boss, Mr. Stark, would stop getting in the way.

little green soldiers by @nasafic: “Rhodey,” Tony says. “I’m not stupid. He’s shipping out in three months. I’m not going to fall in love with him.”Tony
is a student at MIT; Steve is a soldier. They meet at a house party six
months before Steve is set to deploy. This is their story.

Bad Reputation by @gottalovev:
Obadiah Stane, CEO of Stark Industries since Howard’s son died before
Steve even woke up, isn’t happy that the Avengers haven’t caught the
villain Iron Man yet. The mysterious man in the armor keeps destroying
SI weapons, and even though they tried to arrest him, he always slips
through the Avengers’ fingers. It doesn’t help that Steve enjoys their
bantering a bit too much, and that he’s starting to think that Iron Man
has a worthy cause.

Locked In by @gottalovev:
At a gala, Steve and Tony are drugged, kidnapped and wake up in a small
cell (Tony isn’t a fan). They rally up and think of a plan, but while
trying to escape Tony says something that could change everything
between them.

If You Lived Here, You’d be Home Now by @the-vorkosigan: “Hold that thought,” Tony said into his phone. “I apparently just got hit by a hitchhiker.”
“You hit a hitchhiker?” Happy sounded horrified.
“What? Am I talking to a wall? I got hit by a hitchhiker.“Having
just broken up with Pepper, Tony is driving to California on Christmas
Eve. When he picks up a hitchhiker, he hardly expects him to be the
former Captain America, defrosted and on the run from SHIELD.

hold on to me (I’m a little unsteady) by halfasgoodatanything: tony loses his memory. steve’s afraid to get too close,
because he can’t take seeing tony without love in his eyes. steve also
seems to be the only thing that helps him remember anything, so.
heartbreak all around, until tony’s memory comes back. for the lovely sabrecmc! i love your blog and you’re the best!!!!!! :DDD

Home Can Be a Person, Too by Impala Chick:  Sam helps Steve take out Hydra in D.C., travels the
world in search of the Winter Soldier, and eventually becomes an
Avenger. But somewhere along the way, he realizes that Steve isn’t
telling him everything. And when Steve’s judgment becomes
impaired because of his personal feelings towards Tony? Sam feels an
obligation to take action.

Binary System by Annie D:
Tony tends to be tactile with people he trusts. These days that list of
people includes Steve, which is a good sign of the progression of their
friendship. For his part, Steve seems to enjoy it as much as Tony
does… until Tony goes a little too far.

Symmetry Breaking by Annie D: After the Battle of New York, Steve rode off on his motorbike. That’s how it went the first time.This time he rides back, all the way to Stark Tower, where he asks Tony for help.

The Butterfly Effect by @itsallavengers: While fighting with Loki, Steve Rogers from 2012 hears the two simple words: “Bucky’s alive.”And the whole universe ripples with the aftershocks.

The God of Solid Life Advice by kehinki: It’s 2012. Steve is just informed by Loki that Bucky’s alive.Loki also tells him some other things.

No Trait as Much as This by KandiSheek:
Tony gets hit with truth serum. It’s a terrible time for everyone.

All These Half-Tones of the Soul (series) by @nostalgicatsea:
“So was I,” his soulmate would tell him one day, and what it would mean was that they loved him.

Pyriscence by @nostalgicatsea:
In the wake of the Decimation, there’s nothing but total destruction,
death and chaos that spread like wildfire, uncontained. All Natasha can
do is hold fast to her hope in the aftermath—hope that there’s a way
out. Hope that Tony will come back to them. To Steve.

Dispel by faite, @laireshi:
Steve is hit with a love spell, but he doesn’t want it undone: he loves Tony and he’s never been happier.

What Happens in Vegas by sabrecmc: “What the hell, Tony?” Rhodey demanded brusquely.  Tony winced and
drew the phone away from his ear.  “You’ve got cops and Feds all over
the hotel.  I’m watching you perp walk out of the police station on
repeat on CNN.  They’re saying you tried to bribe Stern?  Fox News has
you selling weapons on the black market, and God that picture they’re
using is the one from Bali in ’09.   You look like shit.  They wheeled
Stern out and put him in an ambulance, by the way.  Got some paparazzi
swearing you decked the guy.  Now they’ve got ‘copters following it like
he’s OJ.”“Yeah, don’t worry, Sourpatch, I’ve got it covered.
Uh, though, I should probably tell you that, purely in the interests of
national security and the greater good, I kind of had to fake marry that
stripper-gram  you sent.  Thanks for that, by the way,” Tony added

Thank You Fics Round 3 by sabrecmc: As a thank you to my followers on tumblr, I offered to
write some fics based on prompts they sent.  This is the third round of

Ch. 1:  Mob Boss Steve Rogers (sort of but not really)
Ch. 2:  Ripple Effect (Post-IW Time Travel Fix-It)
Ch. 3:  How to Date a Superhero Without Even Trying (MIT!Tony Drunk Dials his Ex and gets Captain America)
Ch. 4: Caveman AU (A/B/O)

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