Pre-/De-Serumed Steve 2

Pre-/De-Serumed Steve 2

Hi! I was wondering if you had anymore insecure pre/de-serumed Steve with Tony trying to prove him wrong fic recs?

The first de-serumed recs are here, and you might also like pre-serum or skinny Top Steve, if that’s your thing and Tony Loves Skinny Steve.  Here are some more for you, though I think the de-serumed ones tend to be more of the “tony proves him wrong” variety.  Anyway, enjoy!


General Pre-Serum Steve

the start of something brilliant by @s-hylor:
After so many years of adventuring, and then assisting in the war
effort, Tony Stark didn’t think there was much left that he hadn’t seen
already. That is, until on a reconnaissance mission with James Rhodes,
he comes across an injured American soldier, left behind on a

if you want a life of adventure by @capnshellhead:
When Marvels: A Magazine of Men’s Adventure published an ad for a
contest offering the chance to go on a quest with famed adventurer Tony
Stark, Steve never expected to win. Needless to say, the scrawny,
mouthy blond reporting for duty was unlike anything Tony expected.

Dear J by nanasekei:  The new guy is kind of funny. His name is Steve and
he’s really small. I kind of like him already because now I’m not the
shortest guy in our year anymore.-In which thirteen-year-old Tony Stark starts keeping a journal.

Stone Walls Do not a Prison Make by @serinah80:
Steve works as a data analyst for the Department of Submissive Placement
that oversees the mandatory care for unattached subs. Then his boss
gets into a car accident and Steve mishandles a case. A high-profile
case. With a client, he has a crush on. Of course. Fuck!  A
state-mandated dom is the most long-term contract Tony can stomach.
Impersonal, distant, boring. He doesn’t want a real long-term with an
actual dom who takes an interest. Until he does.

Someone Reaching Back for Me by @festiveferret: Steve is sickly, unemployed, broke, and homeless. All he has left is a business card with a rather hard to get phone number on it.

Shut Up, Tony by @festiveferret:
Tony’s sure the attractive, kind, smart, amazing alpha he’s been dating
is going to dump him tonight. There’s no way Steve actually likes him, is there?

Greyscale by @festiveferret: “Did you tell him you were holding out for your
soulmate?” Sharon smiled in that mildly condescending way most people
did when Steve admitted that he didn’t date because he was waiting for
that one special someone. It was old-fashioned, he knew, not to
play around casually while you were still greyscale, but Steve wasn’t
interested in casual. He wanted that swoop in his stomach, and he wanted
the world to explode into colours, and he wanted that to be his first
and only relationship.

Yes, Sir by mortenavida:
Tony Stark’s biggest secret is he loves to sub and he’s down for just
about anything. One anonymous website later and he meets up with a
skinny, artsy dom.

Dedicated to You by mariana_oconnor: Steve Rogers is happy with his life. He runs a small
bookshop, has good friends, and he fervently believes that the printed
page is not obsolete. He’s not expecting Tony Stark, billionaire
inventor of the best e-reader on the market and perennial prey of the
gossip magazines, to walk through the door.His friends think he’s crazy not to at least get the man’s number,
considering he’s had a crush on Tony for years, but as luck would have
it Steve might just get another chance.A Notting Hill AU.

Transient by @royal-chandler
:  There’s a 1A classification sitting on Steve’s bureau in his bedroom
and he’s been so sick in his life, sick of many things; he’d like to no
longer be sick of not having sex.

Special Correspondence (the Inbedded Remix) by @veldeia:
For so many nights, Steve had been right there, close enough to touch in
the small tent, and last night, they had finally crossed the gulf
between them—but Tony still wasn’t sure if it had actually meant

De-Serumed Steve

stripped down by @capnshellhead:
When Steve’s serum reverts back, he goes to Tony for help.

Small Comfort by 27dragons:  “I invented a new element, Steve, I think I can manage to make hot chocolate.”“See, you’d think the whole genius thing would be in your favor, but I have seen you in the kitchen, honey, and I have doubts.”—A
response to the tumblr prompt: “Skinny!StevexTony, sweater weather,
Tony Trying to make Steve cocoa and somehow fucking it up because Tony
cannot food”

The Fall and the Rise by @sineala:
After the Great Society incursion, the Illuminati refuse to destroy
another world. When the next incursion looms, they go to await their
deaths in peace. Tony ends up on the doorstep of the last man who ever
wanted to see him. At least he’s going to die at Steve’s side.

A Different Skillset by @musicalluna:
“This is not exactly what I imagined when I said I could still be
helpful in the field,” Steve breathes and grunts as he squeezes himself
in behind the Iron Man suit.

never thought, but knew by @navaanwrites:
A man waits for him in a dark corridor. But it can’t be Steve, because he’s on the other side of the world.

Balancing Instincts by Xennie_B:
A/B/O fic: When Steve gets hit with a weapon and its effects cause his
dynamic to change, Tony is unsure how their relationship is going to

Still the One by LadyDeBrief:
Steve is convinced Tony can’t be attracted to him in his pre-serum body. Tony proves otherwise.

Beautiful by LegendsofSnark:
Tony loves Steve, no matter what

Dr. Stark by Elensule:
Steve has been de-serumed, and Tony has to take some measurements. For science.

Hold Me Close by @naxa1818:
Steve gets de-serumed and is insecure about it. Tony makes him feel better.

Wherever by @msermesth: Remember that time Steve got de-serumed and was super
bothered about it, but Tony was just excited Steve was letting him run
the tests? (Here’s a reminder)What if they had a date that night?

his type by storiesfortravellers: Steve’s de-serumed and worries that Tony doesn’t find him attractive any more. With an appearance by Tony’s porn collection.

Always a Spitfire by @emeraldine087: Steve Rogers has an accident during a HYDRA raid that reverts him to
his Pre-Serum body. The rest of the team freak out. Steve freaks out.
Tony Stark doesn’t care.Or at least, that’s what Steve thinks…