The Winter Soldier/ Steve Tells the Truth

The Winter Soldier/ Steve Tells the Truth

hello!! thank you very much for this wonderful blog. i’ve read all the fics in the Stony in The Winter Soldier tag and was wondering if you know any more of the same type? or any other canon divergent fics where Steve actually discusses with tony about what happened in tws and his parents? thank you!!

The Stony in the Winter Soldier list is here.  I did find a few others that are TWS compliant with Stony, so those are below along with some where Steve tells Tony about his parents.


See You on a Dark Night by ironforged, redpepperink: An It Follows AU. One lonely evening, Tony runs into an
old friend. What happens the next morning tests his grip on reality in a
way that even a futurist couldn’t have predicted.My Cap-Ironman RBB fic with redpepperink.

All the King’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put him back together by @s-hylor: When the order came for Steve to move to DC to further his work with
SHILED, he didn’t hesitate to comply. He was a soldier without a war, so
the next best thing was working to try and protect people. Leaving New York was a strategic move. He wasn’t running away. He wasn’t. (part of a series)

From the Ground Up by thatsweetmysteryoflife: The first time Steve had seen Tony Stark since SHIELD had fallen, he was on TV.Or, how a team became a family, and friendship became love.

Home Can Be a Person, Too by Impala_Chick: Sam helps Steve take out Hydra in D.C., travels the
world in search of the Winter Soldier, and eventually becomes an
Avenger. But somewhere along the way, he realizes that Steve isn’t
telling him everything. And when Steve’s judgment becomes
impaired because of his personal feelings towards Tony? Sam feels an
obligation to take action.

A Living Faith by @thegertie:
It’s raining in the middle of nowhere, and one of them is bleeding.


You Take Me To Nirvana by KpTrash:
“Talk to me” He answered
“You probably want to get to DC quick,Stark.”

Convalescence by cookies_x3:
Steve tells Tony the truth about his parents’ murder. The outcome isn’t what either of them expected.

Cut the Wire (How to Stop a Civil War) by @orbingarrow (WiP): When Tony finds out the truth about his parents a few
days after SHIELD falls, it changes everything.  Miserable and angry, he
offers to help Steve’s squad save Bucky even if Tony doesn’t think
there’s much left there to save.Halfway around the world, the
Winter Soldier makes contact with Bruce– the only Avenger he knows he
can’t kill.  Bruce empathizes with the soldier’s past abuse and will do
whatever he can to show him that consent, respect and kindness don’t
have to come at a cost.

Ripple Effect by sabrecmc:
After the events of Infinity War, Steve is sent back in time on a
desperate mission to find the Tesseract.  Instead, he meets up with
21-year old Tony, still reeling from his parents’ deaths.  Who,
naturally, tries to climb Steve like a tree.  Somehow, this fixes

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