Office Sex

Office Sex

Dirty office?

Check out the Boss/Employee and Office Romance recs, but here are some great office sex (Many desks were sacrified for this ask).


City View by valtyr:

Tony stays late at the office. Steve stops by. They have sex. That’s pretty much the whole thing.

Late Night Encounters by ibreathebooks_42:

Tony and a certain skinny blond security guard have some fun after hours.

Bespoke by thryza: Steve likes it when Tony leaves the suit on.No, not *that* suit.(Shameless PWP. Sorry not sorry.)

Take a Memo by Professor_Fluffy:Steve agrees to deliver some paperwork to Tony.It turns out he has a suit kink.Porn.

Tightening Spirals by coaster: “I’ve been looking back at your work and I don’t think I’m… convinced at how far you’ve spread yourself out.”~Steve hasn’t seen Tony for much too long. Steve had been kept busy Avenging, and Tony had his company to settle. Enough was enough and Steve decided to surprise Tony in his office on Christmas Eve.

The Persistence of Memory by ladyshadowdrake:

Director Stark has an office he hates, a job he doesn’t want, and the fallout from a war he doesn’t remember to handle. A late night meeting with Steve turns into an argument, but that’s nothing unusual for them anymore. The way it ends is certainly new.

Distracted Sex by KandiSheek:

When Tony answers the phone Steve already has his cock down his throat. And once he’s there Tony has no intentions of stopping him, not even for pretentious business partners.

It’s a Start by The_Winter_Writer:

It was supposed to be a night full of grading papers, papers that Steve was starting to want to set on fire, without any kind of relief in sight. Being in a relationship with Tony Stark meant that what was supposed to happen more often than not didn’t and in this instance Steve was more than happy to welcome the distraction.

Afternoon Delight by silverfoxflower: Tony watched with narrowed eyes as Rogers nodded politely to Natasha. They exchanged quick, familiar smiles, which suggested that they knew each other better than the acquaintances they seemed to want Tony to think they were. Up close, Rogers was even more attractive than he had appeared on camera, a touch of blonde stubble along his jaw, large square hands.He also had a nice ass, not that Tony was particularly staring.“Mr. Stark,” Natasha said, as they both stood before Tony’s desk. “May I introduce Steve Rogers? Or, if you prefer, Captain America.”

Employee of the Year (the Work Ethic Remix) by @robintcj: If someone other than Tony comes into his office – or if, God forbid, Tony comes in with someone else – they will have plenty of time to see Steve bent over Tony’s desk, ankles spread wide and cuffed to the base, wrists cuffed to the opposite corners, naked as the day he was born.This is a remix of “Employee of the Month” by ashes0909. It’s GREAT and you should read it first, since this is kiiiiiind of a sequel remix. And also because it’s great.

Sticky Note Wars by Sebastian_txt:

Steve and Tony have been messing with one another for quite a long time before tensions finally snap.

praised (from a new perspective) by coricomile:

Steve shouldn’t encourage Tony’s bad habits.

To Sweep the Will Away Entirely by @blossomsinthemist: “See,” Tony murmured in his ear, hand still stroking softly through his hair, “I know you like it. Love this, love me to call you names, to rub it in. Love to be humiliated, don’t you, sweetcheeks?”Written for Day Five of Kinktober: Humiliation.

Something sensual and languid (so much to explore in the afternoon…) by Fluffypanda: Steve spends the afternoon in the office with Tony

After Hours by @laireshi:

Director Stark is still in his office when Commander Rogers returns from a mission.

Messes We Make by @navaanwrites:

Commander Rogers locks himself in his office with a sex-pollend Tony, he’s not exactly back on speaking terms with. Things get out of hand.

Office Kisses by BeamsnBows:

Steve and Tony’s fights are always explosive.

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