Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Who doesn’t want to see the last of 2017, am I right? RDJ has promised us a turning point in Infinity War, so me and that fat New Year’s baby are ready for a great year of Stony goodness!  Here are some New Year’s Eve Stony fics to help you ring in 2018!  Many of these are fairly short, so please take a moment to enjoy them, lift your spirits, and celebrate this wonderful fandom!


Not Another Second by nightwalker:
There’s only a few minutes left until the new year. Tony has a minor revelation. Of sorts.

New Years Countdown by captainshellhead, vibraniumstark:
Tony is waiting for Steve to come celebrate New Year’s Eve. And waiting. And waiting.

The Start of Something New by BlazeStarkRogers:
Steve bit his lip worriedly, pacing the room back and forth. He was going to propose to Tony today. He was going to propose to Tony, after a year and a month of them dating, but… He wasn’t sure if Tony was going to say yes. It wasn’t like they really discussed about marriage, but he felt that it was time. And after everything they’d been through, he wanted to solidify what they had. He swallowed rough and looked at the box, before he nodded.He would do it.

Resolved by @festiveferret:
Okay. He just had to approach it like a mission. Objective: Kiss Tony Stark at midnight.

Tony Stark Sucks at Subtlety (Steve’s No Better at Picking Up Hints) by @tonystarkssnipples:
Tony keeps dropping hints to Steve.Steve just doesn’t get it.Until he does.HOLIDAY THEMED SHMOOP AWAITS!

The Obvious (Re)Solution by Lumelle:
It’s New Year’s eve, and Tony and Steve are throwing a party. Tony has his own reasons for a private gathering, but Steve just enjoys having the team together. If he has strange thoughts about seeing Tony happy with their friends and said friends’ kids, though, nobody has to know.Okay, so maybe Tony has to know.

A New Year’s Eve Tradition by @cptxrogers:
Steve and Tony spend New Year’s Eve together.

As the Clock Strikes Midnight by Capsicle1916:
It’s the end of 2013 at Avengers Tower and there’s a big party going on. Steve Rogers sees one certain billionaire is missing from the festivities and goes to find him and wish him a Happy New Year.

Of Kisses and Angry Activities by Dormammu:
Weeks ago, at Wasp’s New Year’s Eve party, Tony kissed Steve as the clock struck twelve. Afterwards, instead of kissing him some more, Tony ran away. Their kiss was never mentioned again.Steve is not stupid, he can recognize that he’d been toyed with. And it’s fine, it really is. Only it’s not.

Yet Grows All the Richer by Dormammu:
It’s the New Year’s Eve party at the Avengers Tower, all the Avengers who could attend are there. Steve is in his own corner, drinking Coke and thinking about his teammates. Then about other things, shiny things being touched by rough, clever hands…

Auld Lang Sine by Hazenator:
Steve and Tony are in separate timezones, yet manage to spend New Year’s together. Of course, they’re totally not a couple. Nope, not at all.

Coffee and Company, or Fate by kiminsocks:
Tony ditches his New Year’s party and stops for coffee, makes a friend, and thinks maybe he wants to take him home, just this once.

New Years Eve series by Comedia:
Tony Stark decides that taking a shortcut through a dark alley is the best idea ever. Not unexpectedly he gets attacked, but someone comes to his rescue. It’s not the muscular knight in shining armor he’d normally wish for in this kind of situation, but the scrawny man who ends up saving him proves to be one of the most intriguing people he’s met in quite some time.

Get It Together by tictactoews:
As the New Year’s party in the Avengers Tower grows near, Tony seeks advice on the strategies of getting a certain star spangled superhero to plant one on him at midnight.

Steve Rogers and the Sleeping Beauty by @laireshi:
It’s the New Year’s Eve and Steve kisses Tony awake.If only it were that simple.

A peopled labryinth of walls by dorcas_gustine:
It’s New Year’s Day and Steve and Tony get lost in Venice. Oh, and there is sex.

Mandatory Fun by @captainneverever:
Steve loses a bet to Tony and has to go to Las Vegas for a fun-filled vacation. Or it was fun until people started thinking that they were married

The Sun, The Moon and The Truth by ButterflyBunny:
Tony takes Steve to the New Year’s party he had invited him to. It doesn’t go as planned but it goes better than they had expected it to go.

MInutes to Midnight by Woad:
The Illuminati wipe Tony’s memories instead of Steve’s.

So This is the New Year by Heartithateyou:
Happy New Years Avengers!

For old gays syne by Heartithateyou:
Things have been awkward since their accidental mistletoe kiss, maybe New Years Eve is the time to kiss and make up?

New for 2018:

Missing Midnight by @festiveferret:
Steve let the tide of the party shuffle him around the room, the
thumping bass feeling like a second heartbeat in his chest. He was drunk
enough that everything was great but not so drunk he couldn’t keep his feet.

This Will Be Our Year by SmileAndASong:
Tony Stark questions why Steve Rogers did not go back to 1949 to be with Peggy Carter when given the chance.

How Fast the Evening Passes by @neverthelessthesun:
Tony throws a New Year’s party, but he doesn’t have anyone to kiss at midnight.

New Year’s Party by captainmistyknight:
Tony used to love New Year’s parties, but that was before the Avengers
became his family. Steve helps him find a reason to love them again.

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