Christmas 2

Christmas 2

hi! since its going to be christmas, do you know of any christmas related fics? 🙂


I’ve gotten several requests for these, but wanted to wait until we were closer to the holiday.  You have fluff, pining, angst, smut and everything in between.  So, here you go!


Like Steve says (probably), below the cut for length:

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New for 2018:

Christmas Sweaters by nishanixha:

That little velvet box has been burning a hole in Steve’s pocket for weeks now.

Five Times Steve and Tony Spent Christmas Alone Together (and One TIme They Didn’t) by @festiveferret:

Christmas had lost its appeal for Steve long before he’d been shot seventy years into the future.

Jingle All the Way by @ashes0909:

The helmet lowered and Tony smirked. “You mentioned they seemed festive.”

Christmas Present by @captainneverever:

Tony finds some Christmas presents from Steve.

Say My Name and Everything Just Stops by Lesty: “So… apparently we’re trapped here,” Steve said, swallowing before smiling softly “wanna play cards?”Tony took a shuddering breath, 48 hours alone with Steve… He wasn’t sure he could make it.-
Based off of the prompt: A and B are meeting their friends at a family cabin to spend Christmas, only to find that their friends aren’t coming – it was a set up.

Of Sugar and Spice and Everything  Nice or Tony Stark learns the True Meaning of Christmas by Goldfishate:

Tony is not excited when he finds out that this year the team will only exchange presents with a limit of $10. Especially after planning to propose to Steve. But he wouldn’t be Tony Stark if that would ruin his Christmas spirit.

Arrow in the Heart by FluffyGremlin:

That one time Loki thought it was funny to magically handcuff Steve and Tony together… At Christmas.

All I Want For Christmas is You by @missbeckywrites:

In the space of a single moment, Steve has fallen in love with Tony. He’s declared his love and it should be a magical Christmas to remember. The only problem is, Tony refuses to believe he means it.

Guaraldi’s Christmas Lessons by nausicaa82: “Hey, Tony, you know I’ll always back you up.” Tony took Steve’s elbow and started guiding him towards the house.“That’s so good to hear because I also told them that you were my boyfriend.” Tony quickly whispered into Steve’s ear.“Wait, what–?”

Christmas Grace by torianmist:

“I’m only going to say this once, Steve and you don’t get to question me. And if you repeat it, I will deny it all.”

Someone’s Happy to See Me by @avidreader6:

It’s been a long business trip and Tony is very happy to be home.

Once Upon a December by Heartithateyou:

Steve plans on spending his first Christmas in seventy years alone… But he’s not alone in the tower.

Lully Lulla Lullay by @ashinan:

Tony can hear the soft thrum of voices rising from one of the open windows, flickering light shifting behind the paned glass. He shouldn’t be here, except, well, there’s Steve. And he throws all Tony’s calculations into wack.

Christmas Sweaters by kahn: Tony just wasn’t used to not being the craziest person in his general vicinity, which was why he was caught completely unawares when Natalie–sorry, Natasha–strode into his office looking sexy and streamlined in a pencil-skirt-professional-blouse ensemble and chucked a hideous Christmas Sweater at his head.Steve throws an Ugly Christmas Sweater party for The Avengers. Loki throws Tony out a window (again). Darcy brings her taser. There are love confessions and drunken Twister and Maria Hill in a flying car.

santa, won’t you bring me the one I really need by quidhitch: Although Tony typically makes it a point to avoid anything that could be reasonably classified as Pepper-approved self-betterment, he will be making an exception this year in the form of a list of New Year’s Resolutions. —Well, not so much a list, exactly, it’s more like one very loud, very obvious, very critical proposition. He’s gonna write it down, put it on his calendar, say it to Jesus, and do whatever the fuck normal people do to make these things happen. In fact, even though they’re only halfway through December, it’s already emblazoned in his mind in big, flashing neon letters: STOP SLEEPING WITH EX-HUSBAND.This is possibly an inappropriate thought to have while said ex-husband is pushing him up against his apartment door and trying to get his hand down Tony’s pants, but Tony has admittedly never excelled at being appropriate.

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