Song Fics

Song Fics

Any song fics? Thanks!

I honestly only know a couple of these b/c most of them tend to be drabbles, I think?  But, here you go!


Dust in My Pockets by samalander:
Two road trips, 25 years apart; Steve goes to remember, Tony goes to forget.(A note on warnings: Tony Stark is 17 at the beginning of the story, and
he shacks up with an older couple and alludes to other sexual contact.
Nothing graphic.)

A Groovy Kind of Love by @s-horne:
“I love this song,” Steve whispered against Tony’s hairline. Tony hadn’t even noticed that something had been playing; too absorbed with going over his to-do list in his head and making a beeline for the wine he knew Steve would have put out on the side. It would be bitter and vinegary, but hey. It was wine and he needed it. “Dance with me.”Tony felt his shoulders fall without even thinking about it, the tension dropping from his muscles. He let his head tilt forward until it was resting on Steve’s shoulder, his whole body relaxing as he settled into the hold. /Slow dancing in the kitchen after a hard day at work

Sing Me to Sleep by eastxisxup:
Whenever Steve has nightmares, Tony sings him to sleep even if he’s halfway across the world.

Dreaming ‘Bout the Day by tellxmebby:
Tony/Steve Highschool AU fic based on Taylor Swift’s music video “You Belong With Me”.

I’ll Be the One by @cnjrupasmle:
“It’s been eight days, Steve.”  Tony hardly recognized his own voice as he spoke to the unconscious man.  He tried clearing his throat, but the roughness didn’t dissipate.  Instead, he began humming. Honestly, he was slightly embarrassed that he even remembered the tune, let alone all the words.  It was the song that his father would sing as he searched his Arctic Ocean for Steve’s lifeless body.“Say something, I’m giving up on you.”—–Post-Civil War pseudo-songfic where Tony has a tough decision to make
and it doesn’t look like Steve is going to make that decision any easier.

If I Go by WhimperSoldier:
“You have been together for almost two years, it’s the natural
progression of things.” Tony hung up and almost broke up with Steve via
text before Pepper, knowing too much about Tony and his thought
processes or lack thereof, ran in wearing pj’s and her Jimmy Choo’s,
wrangled it from his fingers before throwing it across the room. It was
only when spectacularly drunk did he promise to, one, talk to Steve, and
two, not break-up with him right when he saw his beautiful button nose
walk in through the door with drink-flushed cheeks and pants still snug
at his hips.

An Example for Lovers by schemingreader:
“Didja ever think,” Tony asked, all faux-casual, “That maybe sleeping with me is a, a phase for you?” “No,” Steve said.

The World Don’t Stop (It’s On Again) by AngeNoir:
Tony’s used to people – reporters, politicians, internet blogs – deriding him for his faults, because he is less than the hero ideal that came before him. Because he is less than Captain America. Steve’s used to people asking if he’s fine, and he’s gotten pretty good at lying. He’s Captain America, isn’t he?Between the two of them, they know they never became heroes for what people said about them. And that will be enough.

You Picked Me by aggressivelybicaptainamerica:
It was not too long ago that Steve never thought that they would become a
team, and the man who was now his husband was the main cause.  But
Steve had learned that behind all that bravado and bluster was a noble
man, the type of man he would pledge the rest of his life to.

I Was Born Sick by HepG2:
For all the genius he was, it certainly took Tony a while to learn of this… “sickness” within. He’d liked them on the same team and that wasn’t normal. He could fight this, cure this! So he hid, rebelled. First he removed Steve out of the equation. Then he drowned himself in liquor and sex. Just, Steve wouldn’t leave him alone. And that made it so much worse. Inspired by Hozier’s “Take Me to Church”. Weakly Tony rose, his chin tilted upwards as he claimed Steve’s lips with his. He held onto the warmth, onto the memory. Let him have this. Let him remember the gentle brush of their kiss, the passing breath on his skin. “You can’t love me, Tony.” “And you can’t stop me.”

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch by j_gabrielle:
Steve wiggles his eyebrows. Tony frowns, but the corner of his lips are ticking upwards.

Stony: Five Song Fic Challenge by Ashwang:
So I decided to do a fic challenge. Five songs, believe it or not (I’m into a lot of sad shit at the moment! How depressing) that came on shuffle whilst writing this. It’s basically Steve loving a man who can’t quite admit his feelings.

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