Smoker Steve

Smoker Steve

Hi, I was wondering if you had any recs where Steve smokes?

Smoking, huh?  I think they used to suggest that as an asthma treatment, didn’t they?  Anyway, here are some suggestions for you, so puff away!


Smoking Buddies by morphia:
It’s a common misconception, but Steve Rogers actually does smoke.

Smoke a Little Smoke by awest0000000:
Back when Steve was growing up, smoking was cool. It was the thing to
do, both adults and teenagers. So when the team catches him smoking,
they really shouldn’t be surprised… but they are.

Nicotine Hit by @festiveferret:
Some cravings become impossible to ignore.

‘Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky by jazztrousers:
During his catching-up on American culture and music in the years he’s
missed, Steve has some questions for Tony about smoking pot. Tony can’t
resist an opportunity to get Captain America stoned. Side effects include dancing, snacking, stupid jokes and a little kissing when no-one’s looking.

a kind of macabre and somber Wondertwin kind of harmony by @msermesth: Steve didn’t bring much with him when he left New York
to explore the rest of America—just his motorcycle, the shield, a change
of clothes, and the memories of his Hydra-counterpart. Now, after six
months on the road, he’s stuck in a hell of his own creation.It’s a hell with no room for Tony Stark, who just happens to be standing in the middle of his motel room.

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