Sex Pollen

Sex Pollen

any fic recs for sex pollen? couldn’t find it in your masterlists, so i’m sorry if you do!

I WAS WONDERING WHEN SOMEONE WOULD ASK FOR THIS!  How can we have rec lists without sex pollen?  Honestly.  Mind the tags since obviously with this trope there are consent issues.


Exposed by @festiveferret and @sirsapling:
Of all the people Steve could be stuck with while this agonizing drug surged through him, of course, it had to be Tony Stark.

I Want to Hurt You by @festiveferret: How could Steve ever look Tony in the eye again? He
loved Tony, so desperately, but he didn’t know how to come back from
this. He didn’t know how many apologies would be enough to make up for
what he’d done.He could still feel Tony’s soft skin giving to dark bruises under his fingers.

Wants and Needs (Or: Please Let Me Fuck You) by infinite_wonders:
In which there is sex pollen, Tony is needy and horny, and Steve is more
than happy to be ridden like a fucking bronco. Except, it takes a while
because Steve’s got Morals and Scruples.

Full Body Workout by Nix (CrimsonQuills):
Hank has a lab accident. Steve and Tony bear the consequences.

Questionable Pollen, or Maybe Not by SquigglySky:
Tony and Steve turns one of Doom’s plans to their advantage after the villain sent sex-pollen across the city. Pollen that create a heat-like effect.

Rollin’ and Tumblin’ by Muccamukk:
The giant squid spewing sex pollen wasn’t the strangest part of anyone’s
week. Captain America’s behaviour after the fact, however, was making
Tony wonder how deeply they were all affected, and what exactly was
going on.

Messes We Make by @navaanwrites:
Commander Rogers locks himself in his office with a sex-pollend Tony,
he’s not exactly back on speaking terms with. Things get out of hand.

Dirty Deeds by meh_guh:
Steve runs afoul of sex pollen and Tony reaps the benefit

and Steve’s POV Done Dirt Cheap

Cuddle Attack by shinkonokokoro:
What is says on the tin. Steve and Tony visit an alien planet and Steve gets exposed to pollen.

Lust’s Effect Is Tempest After the Sun by xDinahQueenx:
Steve gets dosed with sex pollen, Tony is there for him.

Accidentally in Lust by Professor_Fluffy:Kink Request Fill:Alpha/Omega with Knotting & Sex Pollen

Remote Access by Professor_Fluffy:
Steve is hit with alien venom and locked in a warehouse with Tony’s suit.

Long Distance Relationship by cookinguptales:
So what do you do when your boyfriend gets sex pollened and you’re
thousands of miles away?  The correct answer here is Extremis sex.

Thursdays Are Like That by nightwalker:
Sex Pollen, fake werewolves and Pennsylvania. Thursdays are weird for the Avengers, but this one is weirder than most.

Oxidation by paxnirvana:
Terrorists develop a riot-inducing spray that has unexpected effects on America’s only Super Soldier.

Noli Me Tanger by keelover:
Sex Pollen fill for Cap-Ironman Bingo!

‘Til the Cows Come Home by @tisfan: When the Avengers are called to round up some intergalactic cows, things take a turn for the… sexy?Steve wants it known that this is not what he signed up for…

Bullshit Magical Sex Whammy by coaster:When life gives you bullshit lemons in the form of a
witch randomly bespelling you into really wanting to have sex with the
person you’re in a relationship with, who was also bespelled into really
wanting to have sex with you, the best course of action is to lock
yourself away in your workshop to conduct experiments on the effects of
the bullshit ‘spell’ so you won’t end up sleeping with the person you’re
already in a relationship with because you have issues keeping you from
being happy. ~It was the worst 24-hours of Tony’s life.
He just wanted to have sex with Steve. He’s never had sex with Steve. He
shouldn’t have sex with Steve. He really wanted to have sex with Steve.

No Pill’s Gonna Cure My Ill by @51st: “His vital signs don’t look good,” Bruce says in his ear. “His heart
races and then his pulse drops, and it’s cycling faster. It’s pretty
dangerous. And he’s got shrapnel close to his ticker, so the changes in
his blood flow are more critical than they probably would be for someone
in better health overall, and–”“I realize all of that,” Steve
says, shortly. Bruce had already given Tony medication that was supposed
to stabilize him, but it wasn’t working. “I just don’t know what to do
about it.”

Boy Scout by Jaune_Chat:
Loki unleashes sex pollen on the Avengers.  Tony and Steve get caught up in the storm.  Shameless PWP.

Caveman by jynx:
It was supposed to be a simple mission

Double Blind by loftyperch:
Steve signs up for a drug trial. Naughty side effects ensue.

The Captain, Enchanted by LinneaKou:
When Steve accidentally eats a magic apple that’s actually a fruit of…
“desire”… it turns out that there’s only one way to work off the

Chapter 19 by @some-blue-jack:
Anyone who was anyone knew about Captain America.

Rescue by Meatball42:“Steve,” Tony says, suddenly very immediate by Steve’s ear, “Are you in pain?”“Uh-uh.” Steve arches into Tony’s body again, unable to help himself, and Tony stills.“What did they do to you, Cap?” he whispers.

So, We Accidentally Summoned a Sex Demon by Crematosis:When the Avengers were called to stop a group of
scientists summoning a tentacle monster through the power of sex, Tony
didn’t count on being part of that effort. Oops.

and I can hear you from the mountains (screaming my name) by orphan_account: in which the whole team gets vapored during battle and
it affects everyone differently. Tony finds out, first-hand, how it
affects Steve.(marked as rape/non-con, but only to be safe. more similar to dub-con.)

mockingbird won’t sing by @s-hylor:
Steve had fought in the war, seen a man made hell on earth and somehow
clawed his way out the other side of it, even if it took him decades to
resurface. He hates the world he’s found himself in, doesn’t fit into
this shiny, too bright, too loud future, but he keeps fighting, because
it’s all he knows how to do. It’s in one of those fights that he gets
dosed with an unknown chemical agent that makes him want and need things
he shouldn’t, makes him give in to that want. It’s just one night, but
that’s all it takes to leave him facing something he can’t defeat.

Cupid; Or, the Whore With a Bow and Arrow by valtyr: (no summary)

Apparently Only One Meal From Barbarism by valtyr:
The Savage Land: “All kinds of mutates and dinosaurs and big cheetahs
and a surprising amount of acceptable nudity.” – Spider-Man

Comfort, Truth, Joy (the Mountains of Madness Remix) by @cptxrogers:
A mysterious signal is emanating from deep within Antarctica, and Steve
and Tony set out to investigate. If they can make it through the
freezing temperatures and the deadly ice fields, something even stranger
awaits them deep in the antarctic mountains.

Emergency Contact by @cptxrogers: Steve has been exposed to sex pollen, and for some reason Tony is the person who’s been called in to assist him.Tony
knows that he can’t take advantage of Steve in this desperate state,
but it’s awfully hard to remember that when Steve is rubbing up against
him and describing all of his deepest fantasies in excruciating detail.

Freely Given by cauldronofdoom:Steve has some hang ups. He’s from the 40’s, okay? Tony understands, and they’ve been taking it slow.Then Tony gets hit with sex pollen.Tony is not impressed.Sequel added: Steve is done waiting. Tony’s okay with that.

Damaged by susanowa: He listened as the door slid open, listened as Steve
came though it at a pace and made straight for him. He didn’t even say
hello, just put his hands on Tony’s shoulders and pushed him up against
the nearest wall.Tony laughed breathlessly. “We haven’t done this in a while,” he said.

Aphrodisiac by KandiSheek:
Steve gets hit with some sort of sex pollen. It must be the universe’s
idea of a joke to let Captain America die from horniness and make Tony
his only chance at survival.

Earth’s Cuddliest Heroes by @laireshi:
This is not how Tony imagined his first cuddle session with Captain America would go.

Fever in the Morning by Antrodemus:
Fill for the prompt of the Cap_Iron Kink Meme, round nine: “I’d like to
see a sex pollen story where it turns out that they were just fooling
themselves, they were just really, really into each other and didn’t
notice that the only actual effect of the strange dust was slight eye

make love not war by somehowunbroken:
What is it?” Steve asks, frowning at the cup in his hands. Reed’s
expression is nothing but earnest, but Steve has seen that look precede
far too many catastrophes to trust it.