Sexual Tension

Sexual Tension

Sexual Tension fics! The one reason I like MCU stony is the sexual tension 😛 Please suggest fics which have heavy sexual tension which even the rest of the avengers can feel!

Sexual Tension…well, we know they have it in SPADES, no matter the universe. Here are some suggestions for you:


The Suit Conundrum by Red_City: Steve has never seen Tony in anything other than a suit.Tony has never seen Steve in anything other than a t shirt.Things change.

Got You Under My Skin by @blossomsinthemist: “I’d be happy to show you a good time,” Tony said, smiling a little
obscurely, Steve thought, as if to himself, but still with that warm,
knowing look, affectionate and oddly fond, “any time you want.”Steve
Rogers goes to Tony Stark’s birthday party.  Things progress from
there, with a lot of flirtiness leading to propositions, and
propositions leading to, well, what comes next, and Steve isn’t even
sure what he wants after that.

Double or Nothing by RurouniHime @thegertie: One of these days, they’re actually going to get that sleepover. Steve’s
patient, Tony’s determined, and Bucky is… wait, what’s the opposite
of helping? (otherwise known as the sex-filled sequel to Place Your

Fever, gettin’ higher by RurouniHime:
Yeah, okay, Steve Rogers knows what sexual harassment is. Despite
his out-of-fashion upbringing, he’s not some backwater Neanderthal,
thank you, he gets why it’s bad. He’ll go to bat for anyone who
determines they’re the victim of unwelcome advances in the workplace.
He’s not devaluing its impact, for god’s sake.

But the key word here, as he sees it, is ‘unwelcome.’ And that… might not be what this is.

Where You Came From (I Will Not Ask) by @pensversusswords: Steve’s an erotic artist, and Tony’s an unwilling visitor to an art exhibit. Tony
had never known anything like this; how a simple thing such as a
painting – and apparently, a certain artist – could make him feel like
the earth had been torn out from under him.

Want by @cptxrogers:
Steve doesn’t know what he’s doing here, with Tony. He only knows that he wants.

America Isn’t Chicken by @everybodyilovedies: After a Civil War, death, rebirth, a takeover by
Osborn, brain deletion, and the fall of Asgard, Steve and Tony might
just be starting to get back on solid ground with one another. Things
aren’t perfect, not yet, but they can be in the same room as each other
without resorting to violence, and they’ve even managed to share a smile
or two.
Seems like the perfect time, then, for Tony to try and fuck it all up with a stupid game of gay chicken.Meanwhile,
as if he didn’t have enough to worry about, Tony realizes some kind of
supervillainous trouble is brewing when increasingly advanced armors
start popping up all over Manhattan, looking strangely reminiscent of
his tech. On the other side of the world, Steve gets news that Zola is
on the move in Russia, with some sort of nefarious plan at work. Which
will ruin them first? Will it be this unknown armored villain who is
after Tony’s tech? Or will it be Zola unleashing his mysterious plan on
the world? Or will Steve and Tony prove to be their own worst enemies,
destroying the tentative truce they managed to forge with their own

Happy Ending by @robintcj:
Steve is a mobile massage therapist, and Tony is a stressed billionaire. What could go wrong?

That Damn Tank Top by @inukagome15:
Fill for a tumblr prompt.
He’d never seen Tony like this – so stripped down of his usual armors
and completely in his element. Or, Steve sees Tony in his tank top when
he’s in his workshop and likes it. A lot.

With a Little Help From My Friends by lweilaura:
Sometimes the Avengers couldn’t stand all the unresolved sexual tension anymore, but they all give their very best to help or the four times the Avengers tried to play matchmaker and rhe one time if was absolutely unnecessary

Maybe He Didn’t Think It Through All the Way by GlitchTheRoboticShadow:
Tony made the mistake of making a bet against Steve to see who could
hold out longer; Steve without shaving, or Tony without fucking. He
clearly hadn’t thought it all the way through, because Steve was fucking
hot with a beard.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas by scribblywobblytimeylimey:
“I thought it would be funny. Was it not funny?”

“It was…a lot of things to a lot of people,” Steve said, pleased with
the compromise.

“Don’t give me that. That’s Natasha’s line about truth. You can’t
apply that to Iron Man in lingerie.”
Steve sees something he shouldn’t, and now his thoughts about Tony just
won’t leave him alone.He’s so getting coal for Christmas.

There is no Steve-and-Tony. Only Steve. Only Tony. by scribblywobblytimeylimey: Tony will resolutely deny he has any romantic interest
in his teammate, that his teammate has any romantic interest in him, and
that there is, was, or ever will be anything going on between them.Absolute denial lets him get away with a lot.

Inevitable by @naxa1818:
After Tony lost a bet to Steve he has to go through a week of basic
training. If only he hadn’t just had a revelation about the super
soldier. It was going to be a long week.

Enough with the UST Already! by Tahruil: The whole team knows that Steve loves Tony as much as Tony loves
Steve… but both of them seem completely oblivious. It’s been years,
and Clint Barton has had just about enough of the long looks and the
wistful smiles and the pining and the feeling each other up after
battles because they have an excuse. It’s time the crazy dance ended, and he’d make it happen himself if that’s what it took.He just wished he had some popcorn.

Quit While You’re Ahead by magicsen:
It began, as things tend to between them, as a bet.

Drowning Out the Silence by @stark-spangled-lovers:
“Uncle?” Steve had asked, and grabbed for both of Tony’s wrists, pinning them above his head.
Tony had rolled his eyes. “Yeah, fine, whatever.”
Steve hadn’t stood up like he usually did. He’d lingered, and after a
few seconds, his thumb had brushed over Tony’s cheek and their eyes had
locked with an undeniable intent.
And Tony remembered so clearly that
Steve had been about to say something—something that might’ve changed
everything—but the next second, JARVIS’ voice had alerted them to
Bucky’s presence in the living room, and that had been it.
They’d had a moment. And now it was gone.

Wash It All Away by @stark-spangled-lovers:
Steve hummed, looking up at him. “All right. Strip.”
Tony blinked at him. “Excuse me?”
“Can’t very well wash your clothes while you wear ‘em,” he said and held out a hand expectantly.

combustion by schweet_heart:
And Tony’s busy holding his breath, because any second now this is going to go up in his face.

bang a gong (get it on) by Anonymous: Steve pulled back from the punching bag and wiped a
beefy arm across his face. That amount of sweat would be disgusting on
anybody else, but he was breathing hard and grimacing like he was in
pain. His mouth was wide open as he dragged air into his superhuman
lungs, and the thought of how those pretty red lips would look stretched
around Tony’s cock was chased out by the realization that in the
aftermath of a workout, Steve’s heart would be hammering.Steve Rogers’ heartbeat was officially hotter than blowjobs.

Happy Endings by HepG2: There’s nothing erotic about getting massages in a
licensed spa. Yet, here he is, battling erections after another,
courtesy of this masseur randomly assigned to him that evening.
Wonderful fingers he has, that Steve Rogers. [A non-superpowered
Marvel AU in which Steve Rogers is a masseur attending to the needs of a
hotel client, Tony Stark, hotshot EVP of Cetta Therapeutics.]

Poker Night by @captainneverever:
When Tony convinces Steve to play a game of strip poker, Steve isn’t
sure what they are playing for or what exactly Tony is after.

Captain America, Undone by @laireshi: Steve thinks he can seduce Tony before Tony seduces him.He’s very, very wrong.

Blink by @kaesaria​:
The one where Steve learns that you should never bet against Tony—not unless you’re ready to face the dirty dire consequences of losing.  Or… maybe it’s the other way around?

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