hi! thanks so much for running this blog it’s invaluable! i was wondering, do you know any fics with overstimulation? or something similar?

Overstimulation!  That’s always a good one. Here are some suggestions for you:


Day Fifteen: Overstimulation by CrimsonBlueMoon:
Sometimes, Tony needs Steve to give him the extra push.

A gift that keeps on giving by janonny: Tony decides to put the super serum through its paces with the extra Christmas gift from Steve. (Set in the distant future, where Tony and Steve are in a
relationship and have a lot of energetic sex. This is an example of said
energetic sex. Multiple examples of it, actually.)

Keep Going by KandiSheek:
Steve doesn’t really see the appeal, but if Tony wants this… who is he to deny him?

Carrot and Stick by KandkiSheek:
Tony has never done well with being denied anything. So Steve takes it upon himself to teach him some restraint.

Promises by blacktofade:
Steve has super stamina and Tony keeps coming way before he’s done, so
in the end Steve just sticks a cock ring on him and goes at him.

Beach is Better by sadtomato:
Steve and Tony rent a fantastic vacation house on a beautiful beach, but they never make it out of the bedroom.

any way you want it (that’s the way you need it) by @goodmorningbeloved: But the truth is, the truth that Steve knows, is that
Tony has always been soft—soft to suggestion, soft for love, soft at
heart; it’s everyone else who put the world on his shoulders, who took
one look at Stark and Howard’s son and alpha and
told him he couldn’t be. Couldn’t bow when pushed, couldn’t bend under
the gentlest of touches, couldn’t accept pleasure any other way than
what was proper and normal.–Or: good alphas fuck and good omegas are fucked, but Steve has never cared about good unless it’s about making Tony feel so.

Come on Closer by Ephiphanyx7: [[… porn.]]Or, the one where Steve wants to talk to Tony about something important.

Different days, different agendas by VenomousVore:
Steve: now Captain Hydra takes the one who he’s wanted most since they met; Tony Stark.

Shut your mouth and turn me inside out by doctorziegler: They say patience is a virtue, but Tony Stark has always been a sinner. (Avengers Kink Meme fill for the prompt: Steve/Tony, size kink, sex toys, anal play — While
Tony’s still the big playboy, he’s never had anal sex [although maybe
he’s tried his own fingers once or twice] and Steve is big.

Running from Every Corner of This Earth and Sky by @blossomsinthemist:
After a battle with the Avengers, Steve and Tony steal away for some
alone time in Tony’s workshop, and Steve likes the new version of the
undersuit Tony’s instituted.  A lot.

I won’t leave you falling by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony doms for Steve, which involves some specially enhanced red rope,
cock rings, two vibrators, and a lot of orgasm control.  It works out.
Bottom Steve, trembling and desperate to come, loving dom Tony, plenty
of aftercare.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car by @blossomsinthemist:
“Nothing but the best for my best guy,” and this time, Steve’s
groan was soft and shuddering and all about Tony calling him that
old-fashioned phrase, it never failed to make him feel warm and, and
soft, and cared for, the way Tony always managed to do so damn well,
“this is the Lamborghini of fucking machines, all right?
Written for Day Ten of Kinktober: Fucking Machine.

No Because, No Reason, No Explanation, No Solutions by @blossomsinthemist
He let his hands rest, warmly, on Steve’s shoulders, against his
neck.  “I just want you to fuck me, soldier,” he managed to get out,
breathy.  “I want you to fuck me, yes, in my ass, and not stop.  Again
and again, until it’s out of your system.”
Steve and Tony and a marathon sex encounter.  That’s it, that’s the fic.:

It’s Never Enough for You by questi:
For Cap Ironman kink mene. The prompt: Tony has a sybian machine. Steve
wants to see how long he can ride it so he tapes his leg to the machine
and lets him have it.

nothing but a t-shirt on by radicallyred:
Steve comes home from a trip to find his boyfriend in bed with nothing but a t-shirt on. His  t-shirt, at that.

Machine by bonzai_bunny:
No matter how he acted, he never truly wanted punishment. He just
accepted that it was something that he needed every now and then,
something to alleviate the stress of having the world on his shoulders.

Left of Center by @neverthelessthesun: “So desperate, baby, and it’s a good thing,” Tony said,
reaching up to catch Steve’s chin before he could turn his face into
the pillow. “I love it. But sometimes…” he considered the state of
Steve’s flushed chest and carefully not-too-tight grip on the headboard,
“Sometimes, it’s nice to slow things down a little.”Tony teases and pleasures Steve by only touching his balls, and it’s almost more than Steve can handle.

I’m Afraid You’re Never Satisfied by @neverthelessthesun:
It was no secret that Omegas loved to be knotted. But Steve loved it a
bit more than most, especially with Tony doing the knotting.

After the War (What Do We Really Have?) by @neverthelessthesun:
Steve comes home from a SHIELD mission that went pear-shaped. Tony helps him through it.

Moments Like These by hollyandvice:
Sometimes Steve worries that he’ll start to take these moments for
granted. Tony on the bed beneath him, sweat on his forehead. Whether
it’s his fingers twisted in the bedsheets or his wrists wrapped in red
and gold cuffs, Steve revels in these moments. Tony, beneath him,
desperate and wanting and all his.

Written for the Kinktober Prompt “Begging.”

birthday party by atlaswrote:
tony gives steve the gift that just keeps on giving.

A Question of Trust by @sineala:
Steve has always considered Tony one of his best friends, and when Tony
has a problem, Steve’s always willing to help him out. He just never
imagined that Tony would want his help in a situation like this one.