Dom!Pre-Serum!Steve and sub!Tony

Dom!Pre-Serum!Steve and sub!Tony

Hi! Do you have any fics where it’s sub tony and dom skinny Steve? Thank you so much!

Only a few, but here you go!


Tiny Dom Steve (series) by RoseRose: Tiny Dom Steve with his sub and boyfriend Tony

Yes, Sir by mortenavida:
Tony Stark’s biggest secret is he loves to sub and he’s down for just
about anything. One anonymous website later and he meets up with a
skinny, artsy dom.

Clone Wars by Shi_Toyu:
In general, Steve really did like his job. It wasn’t exactly what he
expected to be doing when he’d signed up for art school, but he did
like it. Product demonstrations, though… Well, he didn’t always enjoy
those. 99.9% of the people were great (like Sir Lee, who was at least
ninety and had had three carpal tunnel surgeries just that Steve knew
about because of how much he used his floggers) but there were always
those few that gave the lifestyle a bad rep… and working for a company
called Clone-A-Cock just painted a target on Steve’s chest.

Guns N’ Roses by @arukou-arukou:
All Tony wanted was a tattoo that would make his dad mad. He wasn’t
really expecting a pretty tattoo artist and a brand new kink.

Stone walls do not a prison make by @serinah80:
Steve works as a data analyst for the Department of Submissive Placement
that oversees the mandatory care for unattached subs. Then his boss
gets into a car accident and Steve mishandles a case. A high-profile
case. With a client, he has a crush on. Of course.
state-mandated dom is the most long-term contract Tony can stomach.
Impersonal, distant, boring. He doesn’t want a real long-term with an
actual dom who takes an interest. Until he does.