Tony Riding Steve 2

Tony Riding Steve 2

Do you have any fics where Tony wakes up Steve by riding him?

I’m not sure about anything that specific.  There are Tony riding Steve recs here, but here are a few more:


Riding Hard by neverthelessthesun, superhusbands4ever and XxWanderlusxX: Tony dresses up for Steve and rides him hard.A night of passion, told in turns by members of the stony discord chat.

Going Down by SmileySunflower: Tony moaned as Steve kissed him breathless, pressing
him into the mattress. Their hips rutting together just right, tongues
battling for dominance, Tony’s legs wrapping tightly around Steve’s
waist pulling him in closer on top of him, the soldiers arms on either
side of his stomach caging him in.Suddenly a thought occurred to him. He broke the kiss.“How come you’re always on top?Steve stared down at him, “Uh-”“I want to be on top tonight. You’re going down, Rogers.”

For a Good Time Call by BeenAsleepfor70Years:
Steve explores his sexuality by trying out a phone sex service. He may
just leave the situation crushing on the guy at the other end of the
phone. He already had feelings for his teammate Iron Man, now a new
crush gets thrown into the mix. What ever shall he do?

Alternative Catharsis by TonyStarkish: When Steve and Tony argue, they fuck. Steve and Tony argue a lot.

Admit It by TheWolves24:
They both need to admit what they do to each other.

birthday party by atlaswrote:
tony gives steve the gift that just keeps on giving.

A Late Night Snack and Other Good Ideas by Annie D (Sacramouche):
Steve’s heightened senses means that he always knows when Tony’s in heat. One night, he finally does something about it.

Drawn by Ridley160:
Steve is trying to find his place in the world, and decides to focus on
his art as a way to readjust to a civilian life. With the advice of one
of the guard’s he has befriended Steve seeks the assistance from a
concubine to model for him for an evening. Only Steve doesn’t expect
such an alluring beautiful creature to enter his chamber, and finds
himself hopelessly attracted to the dark haired man sitting half naked
before him.

An Evening’s Entertainment by starspangledspandex:
Alpha!Steve goes to a gentleman’s club where Omegas volunteer to be put
on display in gloryholes, ass first, to have some anonymous fun. He
can’t resist one of the amazing asses on display when he sees it and
after Steve gets him all worked up, he asks to take Omega!Tony upstairs
to a bedroom for the grand finale.

Here’s some Steve Riding Tony for those looking for that:

just like riding a bike (high on your love) by ravenreyamidala:
Tony finds Steve in an…unusual position.

Ride by @festiveferret:
“Oh god,” Steve’s hips jerked in their confines. His cock was so hard it
hurt, his jaw ached in the best possible way, and it was all too much.
“Tony, please.”

if you let me by breakeven:None of the wonders of the world could even hold a candle to
the sight of Steve Rogers—all broad fucking shoulders, thick chords of
tensed muscle, powerful movements—wide eyed and begging.kinktober day 4: begging

The Goddamn Suit by lovelybucky:
Steve is attracted to Tony’s suits. Tony finds out that the Captain is a slut.

Hard Boiled by ozuma: “Is that what I think it is?”

“Not an egg,” Tony
said with a smile, like he was reading Steve’s mind. “It’s what I’ve
determined to be the best shape for what we’ll be doing. So it’s shaped
like an egg, but it is definitely anything but.”

“I don’t have to eat one, do I?”

Tony’s expression turned downright devious. “They’re not going in that end.”

Steve could feel his eyebrows practically hit his hairline. He shouldn’t have been surprised, and, well, this was Tony. “I think I’m starting to understand this a bit better.”