Jealousy (High School AUs)

Jealousy (High School AUs)

oof s o u h are i has a big feeling that you’ve been asked this a lot but any jealous highschool tropes or somewhat hsm vibes or any post-ca:cw fix-its?

There are a couple of post-CACW rec lists already, so I’ll go with high school fics with jealousy, because those are always fun.  Since there aren’t too many that specific, I also included some AVAC & jealousy recs.


Peppermint Mocha by im_squidward:“You were fifteen minutes late for Starbucks?” Steve
asked incredulously and Clint Barton, who sat in front of them with
their friend Natasha Romanov, snorted and turned around to face the
pair.*[or the one where Tony loves his coffee from Starbucks]

In the Presence of Jealousy by r2mich2: Just another Avengers High school AU. (Written in 2012 by request)An
ordinary day at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy turns sour for Steve Rogers. He’s
humiliated in class, hears that one of the classmates went nuts in the
Chem lab, and his friend Clint starts scheming. But nothing made it
worse than what he found on the way home.

Locker Boy by orphan_account:
No one had ever imagined the football player and the nerd might get
together, especially when the nerd was another guy, but things change
when Steve Rogers walks into the locker room and hears a voice inside a
nearby locker begging for help.

(this is actually jealous!Bucky)

Show Me Everything by  @naxa1818: Steve’s been catching up on things he’s missed over the years with Peter Quill. Tony doesn’t like it very much.

The Journal by @naxa1818:
Tony stumbles across Steve’s journal and can’t stop himself from reading it.

It’s Not Jealousy (not really) by AngeNoir:It’s hard to keep things to himself. It’s even harder to keep to himself, though Steve tries.Sam spending more time with Tony, though, might just be the impetus needed to make a change.

Planting the American Flag (Unplanting the Union Jack) by AngeNoir:  Jan totally knew it was going to happen, but
honestly, Brian sped up the process quite a bit. She had been sure Steve
would dance around Tony for weeks yet if suave Brian Falsworth hadn’t
needed a tour of the grounds.Alternatively, Steve sees Tony getting a little too cozy with Brian and decides to get himself invited into Stark Tower. Because his phone is broken.

Obliviousness: Steve Rogers’ One True Weakness by Hazuki175: Steve is sure he’s missing something. OrIn which, Tony dorms with Jan despite school regulations, no one is fazed, and Steve is just confused if they’re dating or not. (“For a man who’s managed to derailed a lot of hydra plans, you’re really oblivious, Cap.”)

Of Theme Parks and Impersonators by SmileAndASong:
Tony can’t stop staring at the Captain America performer at Disneyland, and Steve is not even a little jealous about it.

Oh Cr*p! by Agent C:
Tony Stark has a bad habit of lying about his heats–whether he has it
or doesn’t have it. He’s just trying to use his nature to his advantage.
But, what if one day, he actually needs help for it?

The Competition Never Stops by MiniRaven:
Steve’s been watching Tony for awhile, but holds himself back from
acting on his feelings. Too late does Steve realize that he’s in love
with the brilliant young man when an array of attractive individuals
come by and try to steal Tony’s attention. Steve may be late to the
party, but that doesn’t mean he won’t put up a fight.

I Want to Know What Love Is by Impala_Chick:  Avengers Academy gets seriously damaged, and Nick Fury
is absolutely certain of one thing – someone is going to have to be
punished. Being a good spy, he attempts to figure out just what happened
first before doling out punishment. It turns out, Steve and Tony have
some issues to work out. Knowledge of Avengers Academy not required to read this (but a couple of the jokes might not make sense).

Dog Day Afternoon by MarvelousMenagerie:  Tony tries diplomacy with the latest threat to the
Academy – the Lemurians – by trading shark repellent for crab. He tries
to bond with Hercules too, one of the latest recruits, through their
mutual shared interest of wearing speedos.It’s supposed to be a fun day at the beach, but Steve Rogers isn’t
pleased with the situation. The Lemurians, he likes. Hercules and his
attire…not so much.