Can’t Keep Their Hands to Themselves

Can’t Keep Their Hands to Themselves

Hello! Do you know any fics where Steve and Tony just can’t keep their hands to themselves? Like getting handsy during movie night, playing footsie during dinner, making out at every chance? Thanks

I do have a few suggestions for you.  There are probably plenty of others with a scene like that, so if anyone has recs, plead reply in the comments. Enjoy!


Touch-ah Touch-ah Touch-ah Touch Me by BeamsnBows:
Tony get’s handsy in Bruce’s lab with an unknown experiment, which leads
to Steve getting handsy with Tony. OR Tony couldn’t keep his hands to
himself, so Steve has to help him through a sex pollen induced heat.

Keep quiet by CapnShellhead:
Tony really thought he’d have more private time with Steve after the
mission, but their time was cut short. Nobody was allowed to miss team
movie night. Steve didn’t let that stop him.

Hands by StarkTony1:Steve’s hand does wicked things

Movie Night Etiquette by @tonystarkssnipples: Clint was at a loss. Would it be worse to acknowledge
the situation or wait until it was over? Shoot an alien 100ft away with a
bow and arrow without looking? Not a problem. Handling the fact that
his two team leaders were currently wrapped up in a blanket together
and… canoodling? Time to hop on the next train out of here.-or-Clint catches Steve and Tony having sex during team movie night.

The Fine Print by ShyOwl:
Steve signed the Accords after rescuing Bucky. He also signed something
else. Always read the fine print, Steve, or you may find yourself
married to Tony Stark.

Movie Night by MmmMangos:
A typical movie night with the Avengers (or maybe not so typical).

The (Not Really) Secret Origins of Movie Night by nightwalker:
Somewhere along the line the Avengers have become a pretty good team.
But Tony’s still the odd man out, and Steve’s determined to change that.

the curve of  you fits perfectly into the curve of me by shell-heads: “I refuse to let you go sober on your 97th birthday,
Cap, plain and simple-I’ll get you drink one way or another, just you
wait. It took me a hell of a long time to find my moonshine guy, but if
it means getting to see you drunk, it’ll be worth it,” Clint says as he
pours bottle after bottle of alcohol into a giant tankard that smells
increasingly like a public health hazard. When Tony adds a
specially brewed Asgardian mixture into it to make sure Steve gets
drunk-“Trust me, Cap, you’ll be so drunk after this you won’t even know
your name,”-he really doesn’t have much of a choice left; he takes their
challenge head on and drinks half the tankard in one go. Sure enough,
it works. The only problem? Steve’s head over heels for Tony Stark, a handsy drunk, and more than just a little into the way Tony’s shorter than him.

Ruin Me by arianapeterson19: Steve loved Tony – he really did – but he was also so worried.ORThe one where they watch a movie and it’s basically all fluff.

Footsie by shmevil:
Stealth footsie, Mr. Toad and tiny, malevolent robots.