Permanent Injury

Permanent Injury

do you have any fics where steve/tony sustains a permanent injury? thank you for running this blog!!!

Glad you enjoy the blog!  Here are some suggestions for you:


Permanent Injury/Amputation

All the Difference in the World by @winterstar95;
It’s Tony’s luck that on his first date with Steve away from the
Academy, they end up abducted by AIM agents and it looks like their boss
just might reveal Tony’s big secret.

In Plain Sight by Tiaowueli: Tony is having a hard time coping with his new
situation. A new school year starts with no friends, no parents and no
need for pity. Hiding a disability is never easy, especially in high
school. Where does one go when your life is just spiraling out of your
control?Steve just started school in a new body for a recent
growth spurt in Junior ROTC camp, maybe this is the year his whole life

Baby, We’ll be Stars (destined to Crash and Burn) by @saralhylor: Tony Stark was a big name when it came to cross country
rally racing. He was at the top of the game, and despite pushing forty
and the multiple broken bones he’d had over the years, he didn’t think
that there was anything in the world for him other than the bikes and
the open spaces of desert racing.
Steve Rogers was an up and coming, a
kid who’d fought tooth and nail to get sponsorship to race. He had a
natural talent that made him go up the ranks quicker than most.At first he’d been a rival and Tony had resented him. Then he’d started to admire him. Eventually he’d loved Steve.But the sand was deceptive.And now he was on the verge of losing him.

Breathe and Release by exfatalist:
Since being honorably discharged from the Army after an injury sustained
while deployed in Afghanistan, Steve Rogers has found a new center of
balance as a yoga instructor at a small Manhattan gym. It just stands to
figure that one day media crisis-plagued billionaire Tony Stark would
come waltzing in and throw everything off. As he guides his
controversial new student on the journey to inner peace, Steve learns to
deal with some negative energy of his own, and finds something
unexpected on the way. [ Non-Powered AU, Modern!Steve. ]

Tourniquet by romanoff:
Stranded in a cabin, no contact and no way out. Cue gratuitous
hurt/comfort. Written for the prompt ‘Permanent Physical Injury and

Hidden by hanyou_elf:
Tony’s become a recluse.

if i should stumble by AvengersTime:
“The gunshot wound had been too infected, in between the lack of
care and the blood loss there was no choice but to amputate the leg from
above the knee and down.“
Tony’s captivity had changed everything about him, he gained and lost
valuable things, and led him to be Iron Man. He’s perfectly okay with
his secrets to remain secrets, but he didn’t expect his team to actually
care. Also, unconsciously falling in love with Captain America was definitely not part of the plan.

A Tale of Two Gamers by Settiai:
Saving the world of fake!Warcraft. That’s what The Avengers do.

Absentia by @kiyaar: (no summary…brain injury)

Spasm by @arukou-arukou:
Steve promised Tony, promised that he wouldn’t let this thing beat him. But sometimes it’s hard.

Promise Me the Moon and Stars by @arukou-arukou:
Three agonizing weeks of radio silence is rarely a good sign. It’s even worse when someone finally calls it in.

Show of Restraint by @sineala:
When the super-soldier serum flowing through Steve’s veins unexpectedly
begins to fail, Tony immediately creates a replacement version of it for
him. It doesn’t work out the way Tony hoped.

Saturday Night Special by @theactualcluegirl:
What if Howard survived the crash, but Maria did not?  What would that
loss do to the already strained relationship between father and son?
How would the world change, and how would it remain the same? Tony
runs a struggling technical trade school, and tries not to think about
the past too much.  Steve, an unwilling celebrity alone in a crowd,
ditches his bodyguards for a night of much needed anonymity.  They meet
by chance in a gay bar.

(thanks to @chibisquirt for the suggestion!)

Chronic Illness/Condition

30 Lives by katydidmischief: It starts from the moment he’s born.It’ll be years before someone starts to notice the pattern or try to
suss out the reason, but it starts right then, in those first precious
seconds with a gasp and a tiny cough.(or, the one where Tony has a list of chronic illnesses and is still a BAMF.)

Short-Stack and Jerk-Face by MountainRose:The Enchantress gives Steve a ‘gift’ of the worst kind,
but it does give him the courage to do something he’s been meaning to
get to for a while.

Lose Control; I’ll Catch You by @tari-aldarion:
Constant head injuries don’t lead to a healthy brain. OR Tony gets one too many concussions and loses everything to a seizure.

Migraine by misbehavingvigilante:“Take off the suit.”“Take off the suit, put on the suit, has anyone told you, you’re a bit indecisive, Rogers?”

from the ashes of our pasts by @saralhylor:  Servicing LAYLAH Lifters in people’s bathrooms was not what Tony
had seen himself doing back when he’d been going through college. It
wasn’t what he’d envisioned himself doing when he’d started up JT
Technologies, or when he’d taken over Stark Industries.
A brain tumour and an alcohol problem, and oh how the mighty had fallen.