Insecure Steve 2

Insecure Steve 2

I love it when fics deal with Steve being a bit insecure.  The first Insecure Steve list is here, but here are some more recs for you:


just friends (?) by (desitonystark) @ad1thi: Tony did this, thing where he fell in love with his friends. All of his friends, except maybe Steve. (too bad nobody told Steve)

you’re perfect to me by rhodey: where steve accompanies tony to a gala. and there, steve finds himself questioning, just why, he and tony are together, and how they could ever think to work out.

a picture’s worth a thousand words by livingtheobsessedlife: When the photographer comes into the Tower, he introduces himself with this frantic, European accent, “Stevie, baby! I’m so glad to be here! Come give me a hug, darling!” And well, that really should’ve been Steve’s first clue that this was not going to be what he thought he had signed up for.

song of unrest by ohjustpeachy: How was Steve supposed to reconcile all of this? The way he looked so different but still felt so much the same? It made Steve’s head spin. He knows he shouldn’t care so much, that he is what he is, but he just wants to know.

Security by Auggusst: Steve and Tony have only been together a few months, and considering this is Steve’s longest relationship to date, it’s only natural that he would feel insecure from time to time. It’s been building for a while, and when a charity ball tests the blond, his problems come to light. Luckily, his fears are unfounded, and Tony will always remind him of that.

It’s not you, it’s us by Shipperslist: Sexy times… or not? Or, in which Steve is nervous and Tony is an understanding and supportive boyfriend.

Stop Flirting with My Tony by JinxedTiger: Steve accepts the fact that his boyfriend of a few months is famous, popular, etc. They announced their relationship forever ago but noooooo. Everyone still flirts with the billionaire.Steve’s patience is running thin and Tony’s trying so hard not to laugh at the poor guy. (he’ll have to resort to other methods to remind the soldier just how much he loves him)

Perfectly Enough by sweetspiderstew: Steve would love to have a peaceful, lovely evening with his boyfriend, but his overthinking and insecurities try to spoil it. Try, because Tony is always there.

A Ghealltanas Phosta by HeLovedYou: Steve proposes and encounters a slight misunderstanding. Fluff ensues

My Boyfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend by Fandomizational: Steve and Tony have been dating for a while and they both think they’re ready for the next step. Yet along the way of getting to Steve’s little apartment he shared with his best friend Bucky in Brooklyn they run into an guy who knows Tony and apparently use to date him!! –Did Steve mention how this guy looked really good( not Tony’s level of good though) and made Steve feel even more out of Tony’s league than he already felt.

Good Luck Charm by @blossomsinthemist: Steve’s been reckless on the battlefield lately, and gets himself hurt. Tony worries over him.  Steve pines over Tony.  Things go unspoken, but they still manage to be there for each other all the same.  Maybe what they’ve always had is still as strong as it always was, after all.

Mr. Jellyfish by DepressingGreenie: Steve retweets something concerning, Tony is very worried about his boyfriend.

sweet like honey by @nanasekei: Steve wakes up in his boyfriend’s Malibu mansion. However, Tony is nowhere to be found.

and you look so divine by @nanasekei: Tony blinks a few times, seeming startled. “That’s – I mean, don’t me wrong, that’s great to hear. But, uh – Steve? That…. Kind of sounds like you think I’m dating you despite your looks.”Steve just stares.Tony’s eyes are wider than ever when he opens his mouth to talk: “Holy shit.“

pink bath oil by halfasgoodatanything: Steve sees Tony’s stuff gone from their shared rooms and makes some assumptions. Not always the best idea.

strawberry milkshake by halfasgoodatanything: Steve’s got crush on Tony and decides to flirt with him for the reason anyone flirts with anyone. Problem is, he can’t tell if he’s just awful at flirting, or if Tony’s so clueless he can’t even tell.

Talking Bodies by @itsallavengers: Coincidentally, the physical effects of romantic and sexual desire match up very closely with the physical effects of fear. But it’s not a problem– it’s not like anyone is going to be able to hear the way your heart speeds up, or see the minute dilation of your pupils, are they? They’d have to be some sort of Superhuman to do that.And what’s worse than a Superhuman hearing that quick pulse and seeing those dilated eyes and concluding that you’re in love with them?A Superhuman hearing that quick pulse and seeing those dilated eyes and thinking you’re terrified of them.

Extra Parts by Kca1516: Steve Rogers has a secret. He’s found himself acquiring a piercing obsession since the forties. Steve has kept his obsession hidden from his boyfriend, Tony Stark, ever since he came out of the ice. But his secret is threatened to be revealed when Tony catches him by surprise one day when Steve is coming out of the shower.Naked and apprehensive, Steve worries about Tony’s reaction. Tony reminds him there was never anything to be worried about.

No Such Thing by @jehbeeeh: “Thanks. It’s not much, really. JARVIS is running some sims back at the Tower, trying to see if it’s even worth it. Might be all for nothing if J. finds a problem, who knows.” Tony said dismissively, bringing their guests their plates and sitting down.“See? This is what I was talking about, May. All I managed today was to match the perfect shade of pink for a client. Meanwhile, this guy is revolutionizing cardiac equipment, for fun, and acts like he was the one mixing some colours.”

For Who You Are by Deanslittlesammyboo: Steve is worried that he’s not good enough for Tony because he isn’t coming to Steve for matter with sex and when he mentions his insecurities of not being good enough to Tony, Tony makes sure that Steve KNOWS that’s NOT the case.

April’s Fool by @avengersnewb: Steve asks Tony out on April Fools’ Day, not realizing what day it is. Tony gets upset and rejects him. Tony can’t believe Steve would mock him like this. Steve can’t believe Tony would reject him like that.
There is a bit of a twist though, and Steve might need to take matters in his own hands.

Ready, Set…Not Yet by marlborobitch: What better way to display how wonderfully normal and human they were than to share information about their personal lives with the world. Still, Steve certainly was not on board and Tony hadn’t seen him since their conversation ended last night. As if it didn’t hurt enough that Steve was embarrassed that Tony was his boyfriend or that he’d decided to sleep in his old bedroom rather than the one he shared with Tony, now he was avoiding him. Oh well, Tony would show him.Or, the one where Steve isn’t quite ready to announce their relationship, so Tony tries and fails to make his boyfriend jealous.

Love Like You by piping_hot_mess: When Tony Stark decides to attend his High School reunion, the only thing he wants to do is meet up with his High School sweetheart and ask him why he ditched Tony on prom night, then enlisted without a second thought. He didn’t expect Steve to be so tall. Most of all, he never expected Steve to have the reasoning he has.

There’s a Science to Walking Through Windows by capsicleonyourleft: Tony Stark is a genius. Steve has always been painfully aware of this fact. Somehow, it seems to be drawing them further and further away from each other.

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