Do you know any fics involving Tony studying/working(mostly studying tbh) too hard? My misery wants company. Thank you! xxx

Study fics!  I have a soft spot for these. Here are some suggestions (and good luck, Anon!).


Not everyone has the same way of studying by PriyaxRishabh:
Steve is worried about his Italian Exam, and Tony volunteers to help him study. PWP really.

Quiet in the Library by AgentC:
It’s finals week. Steve and Tony are stressing over exams. One thing
leads to another and they’re making out on top of the library table!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (On the Bleachers) by SilverNoteXIII:
All Tony wanted to do was spend his lunch studying on the bleachers, he
didn’t expect Pepper to set him up on a study date with school football
player and long-time crush Steve Rogers. Steve may not have known about
Tony’s crush on him, but there are things about Steve even Tony doesn’t

Tony’s Bad Day by @captainneverever:
Tony has a rotten day, made even worse when it looks like Steve has blown off their study date.

Secret Study Sessions (Or Studying With Tony is a Bad Idea) by AetherSprite:
Usually when they can’t find Steve it’s because he’s studying, but he’s
not in his room. Or the library. Or anywhere one might study. Tony never
studies and is always up for some fun, but he’s vanished too.

How to Thoroughly Distract One’s Boyfriend by persephoneggsy:
Steve’s supposed to be studying.

English is Not His Forte by giggly_chick:
Steve and Tony are studying in the library, when Steve asks a simple question.

Just a Study Session by NatashaRS:
Steve wants Tony’s help studying, but Tony doesn’t really get why. When he finds out, he’s super surprised (and happy!)

Study Cuddles by fichuntie:
Tony comes home to his shared apartment with Steve as they both attend college.

Star-Spangled Study Sessions by sunflowerwithfeelings: High School AU.Tony has always been Mr. Popular everywhere he went. He is the extrovert and constantly surrounded himself with people. Steve
has always been the quiet boy, one to stick to walls. He is the
unfortunate soul left to help Tony keep his grades above water.What will come out of this newly formed bond?

Lost Boy by NotEvenCloseToStraight:
Steve has eight weeks to finish studying for and pass his bar exam. And
its going rather well, until 20 year old boy genius Tony walks into the
same library, and sits at the same table.
Steve doesn’t usually go
for kids like Tony- young and irresponsible, ripped jeans and eye liner,
and a tongue ring that is way more distracting that it should be. Oh, and Tony is high as a kite, studying his physics text book.
should look away, but he cant stop staring, and Tony is staring right
back, more than a little interested in the serious blonde with the cute
glasses and big shoulders pushing against that button up.
A stand up
guy like Steve could be good for a troubled kid like Tony. But maybe a
punk kid like Tony is good for a guy like Steve as well.

Let Me Be Your Good Night by malfoys_cousin: Inspired by the prompt: “I was studying at 3am and
accidentally locked myself out of my dorm room and you have a job with
weird hours so you walked by to see me sitting by my door crying in my
pajamas. Help me I’m a wreck.”Alternatively: Tony does not function without caffeine. He just doesn’t.