Reincarnation and Past Lives 2

Reincarnation and Past Lives 2

Hi! Thanks for everything you do! i was wondering if you know any fics where tony and steve keep finding each other in different lifetimes? may once as friends, another time as an enemy or a lover, etc. thank you!!

There are a few Reincarnation fics that I’ve already rec’d that sound like what you are talking about. Here are a few other suggestions as well:


Past Lives by lookin1080p_feelinVHS: For the prompt “Feeling adventurous. Give me a song and pairing, I’ll listen to it and try to write a small ficlet.I put this on Tumblr (lookin1080p-feelinvhs) because I love to write
to music and wanted to try and write something I might not have been
familiar with.The song was “Past Lives” By: Ke$ha and it was requested by fruitndishTony and Steve get in a fight. Tony thinks Steve would be better off
without him but learns that this is not the first time they were

the world spins madly on by @goodmorningbeloved: This isn’t about the beginning.This is about the
bullet that slices through Steve Rogers’s heart, neat and clean, and
leaves him for dead in the dust. This is about the gun that suddenly
feels cold, colder, in Tony’s hand as he lunges to his feet and lurches
forward, screaming and screaming._Or, Steve and Tony meet again in the afterlife.

lover, we always fall by enkiduu: Dying in a world with reincarnation is easy. Living in
one is hard, because history inevitably follows you, and you can’t
always decide what your legacy is. You try to change history, but your Icarus only ever chooses the same thing he’s always chosen. (In which Tony is Icarus and Steve is the ocean.)

Oath by within_a_rustic_cafe:
Steve and Tony go from enemies to soulmates in this story that I wrote
for the Cap Ironman RBB. The art work that goes with this is by
Kaitovsheiji who was an absolute joy and blessing to work with for my
first ever collaboration! <3

Remember by KenrackenOkwaho:
Tony has a strange dream… or is it a memory?

(sherlock holmes fusion)

Love is a wish your disgruntled (future) boyfriend makes by @shetlandowl:
Tony wakes up to a world he doesn’t recognize, to a life he doesn’t
want, with someone he really can’t stand. How much worse could it
possibly get?

Times Have Changed by Ladylokioftardis: Imagine my surprise when, after being convinced to
become a part of the ‘Avengers’ initiative, I came face to face with a
man who had been frozen in the ice.Captain America. Steve Rogers. King Arthur Pendragon.

Eclipse by coooookiee: They had all the time in the world, and yet they weren’t able to live at all. (Steve rules the Sun, and Tony the Moon)

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