Retirement 2

Retirement 2

hi! i was wondering if you knew any fics where steve and/or tony retire? ever since chris tweeted about wrapping up on a4 i’ve been a wreck lol. and thank you for doing this for the fandom!! you’re very appreciated ❤️

There is a list for Retirement Fics, though it only has a few on there. I looked again, and here are a couple others, though some kind of stretch the idea of retirement a bit.  Anyway, hope you enjoy!


even heroes have the right to bleed by elsanoelle: Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Tony took sight of his life.He
had literally taken a page out of Clint’s book; he build a farm and
moved there permanently once he finally decided and officially retired
from the superhero business.

For a Certain Definition of Happiness by @captainneverever: Steve Rogers should be happy – he has a job leading the
new team of Avengers, friends, and a steady girlfriend.  He works well
with Tony Stark, who has retired as Iron Man and provides financial
backing and technical support for the team. Steve’s life becomes
complicated when the Avengers encounter a mysterious supervillain
crimewave, Helmut Zemo wants to legislate the Avengers out of existence,
and his relationship with Sharon begins to fall apart. Then, after the
death of a close friend, Steve begins to question if he is truly happy.And, worse, why can’t he get Tony off his mind?

True Colors by daisybelle:
Written for the following prompt: The world has sunken into a deep
mistrust and sometimes outright hatred of superheroes due to their
building leveling feuds both with villainous forces and with each other.
Tony, retired from Iron Man duties and now less active in the dealings
of Stark Industries, is paid a visit by Steve Rogers who had gone into
hiding. Why is he showing his face now? And why to Tony Stark of all
people? Angsty overtone with a happy ending please!

I’m Not Old (You Are) by starspangledsprocket:
Steve moves into a Stark Retirement Village and meets Tony Stark. He makes as good a first impression as is to be expected.

the best man in his world and a good enough man in any world by thryza:
Tony Stark disappeared without a word at the close of World War II, and
hasn’t been seen or heard from since. When Commander Steve Rogers, newly
retired from the mantle of Captain America, arrives in Madripoor to
investigate the presence of a Hydra cell, he is reunited with his former
lover. But Tony is keeping secrets of his own … and Steve soon finds
out he isn’t the only person interested in Tony Stark’s missing years.

The Longing and the Yearning by @sineala:
The year is 1963, and Colonel Steve Rogers has been the Iron Man since
1940. His recent brush with death in a fight against the Hulk has left
him scarred, broken, and – unwillingly – in retirement. He’ll never
wear the armor again. Tony Stark, the new owner of Stark Industries, is
young, brilliant, ambitious, and he has a few ideas of his own about the
next Iron Man. But when Tony shows up at Steve’s door one evening, the
conversation quickly turns to matters other than business. Tony is
smart, gorgeous, half Steve’s age, and he’s definitely not offering what
Steve and his lonely fantasies wish he were offering. And even if he
were, Steve should definitely not take him up on it.

Sort it Out (the Random Nomad RomCom Story) by @navaanwrites: After he discovers that a high ranking government
official is the leader of the terrorist organization known as the Secret
Empire, Steve Rogers decides to give up being Captain America. (Captain America Vol. 1 #180). Now he tries to find out what else to do with himself.Picking
up a new hero identity and keeping in touch with the man he’s had a bit
of a crush on since he met him, leaves a lot to work out.

Slam dunk trunk by @shetlandowl (part of My Known Unknown series that is a True Lies AU): Yeah, they’re retired, but that only means they can spend their time doing what they want to do, right? Right.

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