Happy Turkey Day!  Hope you have a lot to be thankful for this year.  One thing I continue to be thankful for is this wonderful fandom and the amazing authors, artists and other creators who fill it with such wonderful things and our readers and consumers who make creating such a joy. 

Here are some fic recs with a Thanksgiving theme for you to enjoy, whether you are traveling or staying home.  Please remember to THANK YOUR AUTHORS for their hard work with COMMENTS AND KUDOS!

Avengers First Thanksgiving by kellebelle: 

Someone had suggested all of them sit down together for a Thanksgiving dinner. Tony, who had been tinkering with a new communication device, suddenly found himself the focus of five sets of eyes and he had to pause for a moment to remember why. Oh, right. Thanksgiving.

Clucking: A Turkey ABO by @itstheclimb17:   My friend and I were talking about ABO and what it would be like if the base tropes weren’t based on a wolf/dog, but on some other animal. I got dared to write a sexy turkey ABO. This is that fic. (not strictly Thanksgiving, but come ON!)  

Why Tony Stark Hates Autumn, but Loves the Fall by Fluffypanda: 

Mother Nature seems to be doing everything in her power to remind Tony why he hates Autumn, then he smacks into someone who’ll change his mind.

Everything to be Thankful For by Fluffypanda: 

Steve gets ready for Thanksgiving, there might be some pining involved.

A Very Special Avengers Thanksgiving (or Tony Just Doesn’t Know How To Cook At All) by cherryfeather: “Um,“ Steve said eloquently. He stood frozen in the door to the kitchen, staring at Tony.“Ah,” Tony said, glancing over his shoulder. “Shit. Uh.” After a brief, awkward look around, he grinned breezily, forcing his usual flippant smile. “Hey, Steve. Don’t–don’t…come in, okay?”“No,” Steve agreed, taking in the complete and utter disaster that had been made of the kitchen.

Hotline by @copperbadge

Steve knows a lot about cooking and he loves to help people. The job was a natural fit.

Belonging by shinysylver: 

Steve should have known that spending Thanksgiving with Tony wouldn’t exactly go as expected.

Holiday Indulgence by Moonykins: 

It’s Thanksgiving and Tony can’t help but indulge a little. Or a lot.

Spongebob, Garfield and a Mark VIII Suit by sheafrotherdon: 

Thanksgiving, 1933; Thanksgiving, 2012.

 Happy Thanksgiving! by avengersincamphalfbloodstardis: 

“Tony?” Steve demanded into the phone, plugging his other ear with his fingers. “Tony, what’s going on?”
“Well,” Tony yelled. “I blew up the toaster, the microwave is sentient, and the electric knife is trying to unionize the silverware drawer, but-”
There was the noise of a spraying fire extinguisher.
“-got everything under control-”
“Tony-” Steve said again.
“We’re gonna diiiiiie!” Clint wailed in the background. “We’re gonna die because Stark’s turkey knife thought it should make time and a half on Thanksgiving!”

And an update for 2018 with some more Thanksgiving fics to get you in the turkey day mood:

Thanksgiving by fichuntie:
Tony’s dreading returning to Obadiah for the holidays.

Day of Grace by Ab3l:
Happy thanksgiving everybody! This is the shortest thing I’ve ever written, but I got nothing else!

The Perils of Turkey Day by crossingwinter, StormDancer:
“Oh boy.  Here we go.  Thanksgiving with the Starks.”

Overstuffed by @ashes0909:
Contrary to popular belief, Clint Barton only had so much room in his stomach.

(mainly Winterhawk, but with Stony)

The First Thanksgiving by BradyGirl_12:
Thor experiences his first Thanksgiving with the Avengers.

The Day of Giving Thanks by that_one_kid:
Cooking and eating on Thanksgiving day with the Avengers can be… Exciting.

Giving Thanks by Kaitie:
Tony tries to surprise Steve with Thanksgiving dinner.

Alone Together by SassyPants:
Tony calls Steve, because even after everything they’ve gone through, no one should have to be alone on Thanksgiving.

Giving Thanks by AllieBC:
Captain America’s feeling a bit nostalgic over the holiday season. Tony doesn’t get it until Steve explains.

Everything to Be Thankful For by @ayapandagirl: Steve gets ready for Thanksgiving, there might be some pining involved.Sequel to “Why Tony Stark Hates Autumn, But Loves The Fall”

Plans Not Involving Tony Stark by KasmiKassim:
Tony is used to being alone on Thanksgiving, thank you very much. But
when Barton tries and hilariously fails at comforting him for whatever
reason, and people start showing up at his living room, he suspects
there are Plans he did not know about.