Stony Fic Rec Masterlists Back-ups

Stony Fic Rec Masterlists Back-ups

Since we don’t really know what will happen tomorrow, all the fic rec masterlists have been copied into Google Docs.  The links are below.  Please reblog this post so that people who want the links will have them just in case I end up deleted in the Great Purge tomorrow. I don’t expect that, but you never know. 

Each Google Doc contains the individual masterlists that go with each Masterpost, so the first two docs are several hundred pages long and will take time to load.  They should be pretty much in order based on the lists at the top.  At some point, I’d like to add hyperlinks in the documents, but there wasn’t time to do that now.  If you find broken links for the fics, let me know.  One issue is that they were originally done as tumblr links to Ao3, so if the blog is deleted, I don’t know if they will work. At least we would have the lists though.  

Sabrecmc’s Stony Fic Rec Masterposts 1 and 2

Sabrecmc’s Stony Fic Rec Masterposts 3 and 4

Sabrecmc’s Stony Fic Rec Masterpost 5

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