Tony’s Not a Billionaire

Tony’s Not a Billionaire

Hiii, I’ve read all the fics on your ‘AU where Tony isn’t a billionaire’ list and I just looove that trope so much! so I was wondering if you know any other fics like that? thank you sooo much xx

There are a lot of AUs where they are something totally different, like Tony being a mechanic, for example.  Or they are teachers or chefs, etc. That kind of thing.  So, check out the masterlists b/c there are a lot of non-powered AUs that fit that idea for specific lines of work.  In addition to the previous list of fic where Tony isn’t a billionaire, try these:


All Time Low by @sineala:
Tony’s lost his company to Obadiah Stane. He’s lost it all: his money,
his friends, his Avengers team… and his sobriety. Drunk, homeless,
Tony is living on the streets, and when he runs out of liquor money, he
sells the only thing he has left: his body. And one day, he has the
exact wrong customer.

Iron Heart & America’s Shield by CMRandles:
Stony!AU Steve Rogers is the CEO of a non-profit company that provides
jobs and counseling for veterans. Tony Stark is a photographer
struggling to make ends meet and pridefully refusing help from his
billionaire father. Steve needs a genius artist for a marketing campaign
that might snatch his company back from the brink of disaster. Tony
needs to pay his rent without selling his soul. What could go wrong? Or,
perhaps, very very right.

Making Ends Meet by @itsallavengers: Since eloping at nineteen, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have been, for lack of a better phrase, broke as absolute fuck.That’s okay though. They have each other.

Just the Tip by @tonystarkssnipples:
In which Tony is a pizza deliveryman and Steve does not have enough money for a tip.

Of Strippers and Snow Shovels by betheflame:
Tony has some questions about what Peter’s dad does for a living after Peter draws an … interesting picture about why his dad is his hero.

Good Steak by AdamantSteve:
Tony’s a hooker, Steve’s a virgin… you do the math

NOTE: this story is unfinished and unbetaed. It was originally
intended that they would fall in love whilst Tony and Steve had sex a
bunch more times, but here we are. Another one from the trash folder.For the prompt: Tony is a genius, but not a billionaire, playboy, or philanthropist. Instead, he’s got a shitty apartment in NYC and works as a hustler to make ends meet. Then he gets hired by Steve: he’s still Captain America and still recently unfrozen, earning a ton of money from his reemergence and fame. He hires Tony because he’s unsure of his own sexuality and afraid of the press finding out (especially before he does). He’s never slept with a man before.

I Know Better by Fallenstar92:
Not_enough_furytony13 said: “Can u please do a fanfic where Steve and
tony’s roles are reversed (human au though) where Steve is a rich CEO
and tony is a broke mechanic of some sort and he’s running from an
abusive boyfriend and past. And all of steves friends (who are all rich
too) are really protective and think tony is just using Steve for his
money but eventually figure out from different events with tony and
snippets of Tony’s past that tony isn’t using Steve and genuinely loves
him. Can u please also put a lot of angst in it but also a lot of fluff
to balance out (I.e. Steve having to sleep on the couch because of a
really stupid fight over something cute and trivial, tony having trust
issues, the media being very negative or really positive) I really love
your writing so I would really love to see your writing with this

Hooker!Tony AU by sabrecmc: Tony’s a broke college kid who turns to the oldest profession to make ends meet.  Steve needs a nude model.  Feelings ensue.

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