Workaholic Steve

Workaholic Steve

Any fics with Steve as a kind of workaholic?

Not many, to be honest.  Most are (unsurprisingly) about Tony working too much. Here are a few I found that kind of/sort of have that vibe.  If anyone knows any other recs, please add them in the replies.


Cuddling With Tony by Emaisnialleraf:
Basically they had a long mission, Steve works too hard, Tony wants him to sleep. Steve just wants to be cuddled.

Iron Steve by @awesomeavocadolove:
The last thing Steve wanted was to take time away from his workshop to
present the new Jericho missiles to military meatheads, but Obie
insisted he needed to prove he wasn’t a complete reclusive workaholic.

Even Iron Bends by @musicalluna:
Steve’s been in Washington over a week.

My Nightingale by Tobezilla:
An accident leaves Steve raising his four year old son and working two
jobs. His world has been flipped around more times than he can count,
each time harder than the last. When he becomes the personal assistant
of the billionaire, Tony Stark – his world is flipped around for the
millionth time. But maybe this time will be the different than the

Ironman: Director of S.W.O.R.D. by Pookaseraph (suggested by Anon):
In the wake of the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the
Avengers need to pick up the pieces, and figure out where to go from
here. Tony had a plan, at least he thought he had a plan, but Steve
Rogers seems to have blown most of those out of the water.

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