Not Really a Villain Tony 2

Not Really a Villain Tony 2

The first Not Really A Villain Tony list is here, but  here are a few newer ones. Enjoy!


The Corruption of Captain America by the Villain Tony Stark by ladilin: (WIP) Iron Man paused. “Oh my god. You thought I was a robot.”“No, I—” Steve felt his face flushing. “I…considered the possibility,” he admitted.“You thought I was a robot who’s been hitting on you.”“Is that really so crazy?” Steve felt an inexplicable need to defend himself. “In the forties, I fought a Nazi with a skull for a head.”

Stranded with the Enemy by jellybeanforest: Stranded on an uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with his arch-nemesis, Iron Man, Captain America must survive until S.H.I.E.L.D. locates his downed Quinjet and sends an extraction team to collect them.

Holding Out (For a Heroic Nemesis) by @nanasekei: As a villain, Tony wasn’t a big believer in maintaining long-term rivalries with heroes. He had heard enough horror stories of villains who got so caught up in defeating their counterparts their plans ended up slacking, turning lazy. Having a designated hero to fight could seem simpler on the surface, but in the long term, it just got messy. And if there was one thing Iron Man, twice-named most influential villain of the world by People’s magazine (take that, Gotham city), definitely didn’t need, was for his plans to get messy because of heroes who couldn’t stop sticking their noses where they didn’t belong.However.The Captain had been a different case.

My Heart in Your Hands by @itsallavengers: Agent Rogers’ mission is simple: seduce his way into Tony Stark’s life, find enough evidence to prove he’s the man behind SHIELD’s Most Wanted supervillain, otherwise known as Iron Man, and then use said evidence to lock him up in a prison cell for the rest of his life. It’s a mission only he can do, and the safety of the world is depending on it. Because Iron Man has a plan, and the consequences of it could prove catastrophic.  Of course, though, things are never as easy as they look on paper. Especially not when it comes to Tony. Steve knew that better than anyone.After all- only a year ago, he’d been going to marry the guy.

Compromised by Ejostra: Tony Stark is a villain but sort of willing to cooparate with Avengers team. Maybe deep inside he is a good guy… Or maybe he just has a crush on one certain Captain with ocean blue eyes. And maybe he just likes to kidnap him so he can enjoy some quality time. A.k.a. Two times when our heroes save each other and one time when they put away their roles to be just Steve and Tony.

Bad Reputation by @gottalovev: Obadiah Stane, CEO of Stark Industries since Howard’s son died before Steve even woke up, isn’t happy that the Avengers haven’t caught the villain Iron Man yet. The mysterious man in the armor keeps destroying SI weapons, and even though they tried to arrest him, he always slips through the Avengers’ fingers. It doesn’t help that Steve enjoys their bantering a bit too much, and that he’s starting to think that Iron Man has a worthy cause.

Reflection by TenSpencerReidPlease: “Did you just call Cap my husband?” Tony asks.“With the amount of sexual tension the two of you produce you might as well be married,” Vankov mumbles and Tony returns to his work.“If marriages were just sexual tension they wouldn’t last long,” Tony says.“Explains why you’re divorced from the good Captain,” Vankov quips back, laughing when Tony glares at him again.

Metronome by Valmasy: In a world where the United States was brought to heel and divided into zones, Iron Man struggles against the good, the bad, and the devastatingly handsome; all in a bid to get to the man that killed his parents.A story of peace, war, and love – not necessarily in that order. In which Tony Stark runs for office, but not really. In which Steve Rogers is innocent, but not really. In which Iron Man hates Captain America with a passion, but not really.And hey, there’s always Taco Tuesday.

All That You Love, All That You Hate by @laireshi: Director Stark is happily married to Steve Rogers. They have no secrets from each other, and quite a lot from the world—mainly that Steve Rogers is really The Captain, an infamous villain.Unfortunately, the truly important secrets rarely stay hidden, and when Steve’s identity gets revealed, Tony will do anything to keep them both safe.He’s a hero, but it might mean crossing a line that a villain would never even approach. (not really the ask, but it kind of *feels* like it?)

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