Time Travel Recs

Time Travel Recs

Hey have you anything new time travel recs

Time Travel to the Future and Time Travel to the 40′s lists are done,and there is also one for Time Travel for Short Periods of Time and one for Steve Goes Back, but with Endgame, tons of new options out there, and some oldies but goodies.  Here are some suggestions for you and hopefully, you will discover some new ones:


time travel is not our friend (but you were mine) by KiwiBerry:  Tony likes to touch things that aren’t his. Time travel is a relatively new side effect.

The Devil’s Music by whizzy: Tony Stark’s future no longer exists, which is why he has to save it.

This Just Might Be Our Lucky Day by mucmoremajestic: “Potts” and “Stevens” have been stuck in 1970 trying to find a way to get the tesseract and Pym particles for a few weeks. Their luck just might be turning around.

No Good Deed by raeldaza: Steve’s not happy in the future. Tony gets it in his head that he’ll be a good friend and create a time machine to send Steve back to the 40s. But as time ticks on, and Steve and Tony grow closer, do either of them actually want Steve to use it? (more thinking about time travel than actual time travel, but very good)

special dispensation by JentheSweetie:  On the one hand, they’d all agreed that the quantum time machine was a dangerous technological advancement, only to be used under the most dire of circumstances.  But on the other hand, it was Steve’s birthday.

Time Shift by wirewrappedlily: Reed Richards is the most idiotic genius Tony has ever met, and he’s met some true idiots.

Let Us Not Forget This by citsiurtlanu: Steve Rogers knew, knows, will know Tony Stark, the adventurer, the scientist, the futurist.  And Tony Stark – well, he’s not really fond of the idea of this Captain America fellow being assigned to tag along as he, Rhodey, Pepper, and Jarvis race to find a powerful relic before the Nazis do, but he just has to go with it.  What he doesn’t – and can’t – realize is how deeply Cap is tied into his life in ways he can barely even understand.

and still i dreamed he’ll come to me by choncena: six stones to put back, six lessons to learn.or the fic in which steve is guided towards the happy ending he’s always wanted.

Fourteen Million to One by tunastork: Six months after Thanos, six months after Tony’s death, six months after Steve returns to his own timeline, Tony Stark turns up on their doorstep.

Try Again by Impala_Chick: For the prompt: AU in which Post-CACW!Tony is sent back in time (by Dr. Strange) to prevent War, but things go wrong and he meets Pre-serum!Steve. There Tony learns a lot of things about Steve (and ends up helplessly falling for him).

Tomorrow’s Reality by @ayapandagirl: A Hydra plot accidentally brings Steve Rogers to the future before he becomes Captain America.

It gets better by Darkfairyforever22: Steve goes back in time to figure out just how bad of a father Howard was.

The Possibilities of Life by MountainKestrel: It’s no secret that Tony doesn’t understand Steve, despite his best intentions.  But then Loki causes some mischief, and Tony gets sent back in time.  There, he discovers a whole lot of perspective he didn’t know he needed — or even wanted.

Call Me Home by steve-capsicle-rogers: Tony can’t help but notice the far away look on Steve’s face.  The visible pain and loss.  It wasn’t right and giving Steve back everything he’d lost was the right choice.  The right thing.  And honestly Tony didn’t do the right thing near enough.prompt fic: time travel, WWII, Steve/Tony

Would You Believe Me by Knowmefirst: Tony has to travel back in time after Steve was sent back to 1945 during a fight.

The King in the Tower by AetherSprite: Instead of spending seventy years trapped in ice, Steve finds himself suddenly in the distant past where he meets a boy king and a charming man from the not-so-distant future. Together they go on an adventure intimately entwined with one of England’s most enduring mysteries.

to build a home by @capnshellhead: He came every Wednesday.Tony didn’t notice him at first. After all, he was a busy, busy man. He didn’t have time to pay attention to the old men feeding the pigeons or whatever outside of his building.Except, this man wasn’t feeding pigeons. He was sketching something.

Not All Those Who Wander by @the-vorkosigan: After returning the Stones, Steve manages to get into an alternative timeline. Over there, things happened differently. It’s Steve that died wielding the Gauntlet. And Tony? Tony is alive, but is he the same man Steve was in love with back home? And is Steve exactly like the Cap this new Tony loved in secret? Well, the only way to find out is to fall in love with each other all over again. To fall in love as many times as it takes.

There For You by emquin: While returning the stones, Steve ends up in 1970 again…and then he decides to stay in 1970 and it’s not because of Peggy.

To the Future by Gothic_Lolita: Howard insists on showing Peggy his supposed ‘time machine’. Neither of them expected it to work. Peggy didn’t expect Steve to be alive and dating Howard’s son. Howard didn’t expect to have a son.

Ripple Effect by sabrecmc: After the events of Infinity War, Steve is sent back in time on a desperate mission to find the Tesseract.  Instead, he meets up with 21-year old Tony, still reeling from his parents’ deaths.  Who, naturally, tries to climb Steve like a tree.  Somehow, this fixes everything.