Athlete Steve AUs

Athlete Steve AUs

hi!! can you rec some athlete!steve/profootballer steve fics pretty please?

There is a list of Baseball AUs and Quarterback Steve/Geek Tony AUs, so check those out. There aren’t many pro-footballer AUs (assuming you mean soccer, lol, sorry, American here!). There are a couple, and a lot of American football player Steve AUs, some of which are on the first list and some more of which are included below, along with some other sports AUs that you might like.


Start of a Season by MarvelousMenagerie:  Steve could spend the whole season pining on the sidelines after the Avengers’ running back, Tony Stark, but maybe Natasha’s right: that would be pathetic.“Quite the tight end.”Steve splutters as Natasha slips up beside him. “W-what?” he manages. “Which, uh, which one?”“The only tight end player out there right now, Rogers,” Natasha teases, smirk growing. “Where’s your mind at?”

Your Jacket, My Jacket, Our Jacket by ripavengers: Steve gives Tony his football jacket to solidify their relationship but he’s not sure if Tony actually likes it.

What Dreams Are Made Of by Bill_Longbow:  Steve is the gorgeous and popular quarterback of the college football team. Tony is Tony. Fluff ensues.

Tonight we’re gonna make it all come true by @gottalovev: Steve Rogers is one of the best players in college football and is ready to prove it. The road towards becoming a professional football player? Is totally crazy. Falling in love with Tony Stark, the young quarterback from Stanford, may be even more life changing.

No time for losers by @gottalovev: Tony Stark: Playboy. Millionaire. Philanthropist. Hockey superstar.  (featuring among other things an unexpected trade, learning to get along with new teammates, pining, the Olympics, and a happy ever after)

Float like a butterfly (sting like a bee) by @gottalovev: Steve Rogers is looking for a new Team and signs with Nick Fury in his quest to climb back in the professional boxing ranks after a 5 years break. When he realizes Fury’s gym is owned by Tony Stark, billionaire-playboy-entrepreneur and up-and-coming boxer, sparks fly and not in a good way. At least at first.

It Started With a Kiss and Ended Like This by @publisher021: Steve Rogers is the Captain of the football team. You’d think he’d be used to people trying to kiss him. Turns out, he’s not.

It Happened So Fast (that love you never notice) by @s-hylor:  Bucky, Sam and Clint stuff around the whole way, jogging together and making feigned blocks with their sticks to try and throw each other off course. Usually you’d join them, but Tony calls your name right as you are about to catch up to them, and it is only when you looked around that you see he is lugging the bag with all his goalie padding and guarding, making half-hearted shoulder gestures between you and the bag, and putting on one of the best pitiful looks you’ve seen. You smile, but go and grab one handle, and between the two of you, you manage to carry the bag and keep up a fairly decent pace. Tony grins at you around a red and yellow mouth guard, and you can’t help but smile back. Steve meets Tony when they’re teamed together at an inter-school sports competition. It’s five days, but sometimes that is all it takes.

Friday Night Lights by Withstarryeyes:  Tony watches Steve at his football game, his varsity jacket draped over his shoulders.

Best Bet by winterwingz: Steve Rogers was one of the most popular boys at his college, not to mention one of the best football players on the team. When his grades start slipping and the opportunity of getting to be on the team is almost up, Tony slips in and offers him a deal. He’ll tutor Steve in all subjects that he needs it for. But in return, Steve has to show up with Tony at charity galas to impress his father. And oh, did I mention? Tony has the biggest crush on this boy imaginable.

Fly Boy Blue by @shetlandowl: For the US Men’s National Soccer Team, qualifying for the 2022 World Cup was the easy part. They lost their Captain to a bad injury in a friendly against Uruguay, and now the best man to take on the armband is the only out player of the tournament. Tony is a sports journalist assigned to cover the US team through the tournament, but his first order of business in Qatar is stopping by Steve’s room to clear the air.

Boxing AU by @shetlandowl: Boxer Steve/Manager Tony

Against the Run by Quaxo: Steve Rogers, captain of the United States Mens National Team, is prepping the team for the 2014 World Cup when a teammate’s unexpected injury means a last minute replacement less than a month before the Cup.  Tony Stark is suddenly back in Steve’s life and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.  Coach Coulson swears that Stark is the key to getting them the Cup though, so Steve’s going to suck it up for the good of the team.  Tony Stark is returning to the USMNT after three years of trying to rehabilitate his reputation from the scandal  that nearly destroyed his career before it had even started.  He’s got something to prove to the world and amends to make.  Especially to his (hopefully not former) best friend Steve Rogers.   A football / soccer AU for the novice.

mister america and the heartbreak prince by imposterhuman:  Steve scanned the bleachers for Tony, squinting against the glare of the spotlights shining on the football field. As expected, though, Tony was nowhere to be found in the crowd. He sighed, hefting his helmet under his arm, and made his way to the locker room.He hadn’t really thought Tony would be there, but it would have been nice to see his boyfriend in the stands of the championship game- that they had just won, for the record. But Tony had a general distaste for all things to do with school spirit and wouldn’t be caught dead at a football game. Steve understood; if he’d had the high school experience that Tony had had, he’d be the same way.It still stung, though, to watch his teammates embrace their boyfriends and girlfriends while he trudged across the field alone. He’d see Tony later, he was sure, but Steve wanted to kiss Tony with the taste of victory fresh on his lips, high on the adrenaline that came with playing and winning.

Breaking the mould by Jessymessy101: Tony has been bullied his whole high school career and for the most part, he had become used to the daily beatings. What will happen when the most popular guy at school and captain of the football team suddenly wants to be his friend? Can Tony just forget the years of misery or is the blue-eyed captain the exception to the rule? that all jocks are bullies

I’ve got you under my skin by sirona: Five times Beijing 2008 Olympics Gold Medalist Tony Stark thinks it’s going to be no more difficult a job to get ready for London 2012, than what he has just achieved. That is, of course, before Coach Fury comes to visit, and offers him a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of something much bigger than himself. Swimming AU.

Be Still, My Foolish Heart (Don’t Ruin This On Me) by Iggysassou: After a date, Steve and Tony end up playing strip horse basketball because Tony challenges Steve to a game. It’s all fun and games until he has to remove his shirt and remembers that Steve has never seen the arc reactor or the scars surrounding it.

Ice Prince by complicationstoo: Tony Stark bought a hockey team on a whim, having never watched the sport in his life. He decides to take a hands-on approach to being a team owner and starts spending time with team captain Steve Rogers. “Hands-on approach” soon becomes very literal.

Ice Ice Baby (the Hockey Fic) by @orbingarrow: Tony Stark is a star center, sidelined by a slip in sobriety.  Steve Rogers is a goalie, suspended for a punch thrown off the ice.When the two meet, they’re trying to get their lives back on track, both off and on the ice.  It turns out, the saying is true: A burden shared is a burdened halved.  At least until Howard Stark gets involved.(A get together fic full of fluff, supportive friends, dad Rhodey, and hockey!  But if you know nothing about hockey, you’ll be fine, because neither does the author.)

surf’s up by nante:  He whips off his sunglasses and shakes out of his hair, water flinging off his sun-kissed body as if in slow motion.  When he begins to climb back up the lifeguard post, they don’t even pretend not to ogle his ass.  “Fuck.”  “He–He’s-”  “He’s hot.” Tony is the lifeguard at a beach frequented by pro surfers Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, and Thor Odinson.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies by Heartithateyou:  They decide to do a little team bonding by going to a baseball game, which leads to an accidental kiss on the kiss cam which may not be so accidental.

america’s pasttime by JenTheSweetie: The thing about the Annual Intra-Avengers Baseball Game was that it was always a little… contentious.

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