Iron Man is Hacked

Iron Man is Hacked

Hey, do you happen to know any fics where the Iron Man suit is hacked? Thanks for all your recs they are amazing! I’ve found so many great Stony fics through your blog!

Glad you are enjoying the blog. The only ones that I could find for your suit is hacked ask are:

As Sharp As Any Thorn by RurouniHime @thegertie: It’s four days to Christmas, there’s a city in shambles, and the nation is in mourning because of the actions of a single man.

Error: Loyalty Source File Corrupted by DepressingGreenie @darthbloodorange: Iron Man’s allegiance is to his boss, Mr Stark

The R.A.E.S Protocol by @kandisheek-art: It was supposed to be an easy mission but the villain of the week turns out to be a much bigger threat than they originally thought. Tony can only watch helplessly as the man steals his face and tries to take down the rest of the Avengers in Iron Man’s name. To Tony’s surprise the team subdues the fake Iron Man in a matter of minutes, referring to a protocol Tony didn’t even know existed.

It really hurts when he realizes that the team was always prepared to take him down if necessary. Tony knows that they didn’t get off to the best start but he never would have expected anything like this.

Don’t the Avengers trust him at all?

Cracks in this Reflection by @festiveferret: Five months after Siberia, an alien threat pulls Steve back to New York, and back to a very angry Tony. (stretching the theme a bit, but…)

For other suggestions, here are some with the Sentient Armor that you might like:

Shell of a Man by tsukinofaerii:  For Avengers Kink: Steve/Living Armour. Dub con, Steve think’s it’s just Tony being a kinky bastard.

Alter.Ego. by arysteia: Romancing Steve Rogers is hard enough.  The last thing Tony Stark needs is a rival.  In the shape of Iron Man.

Symbiosis by Woad:  Tony accidentally frees the Endo-Sym armor, which has a nasty semi-sentience based on his inverted self. It also seems to be fixated on one thing: Steve Rogers.

Cold, Cold Man by @kagekanecavi: At first Steve had thought it was Tony. There hadn’t been any reason to think otherwise. But there was something wrong, and things went downhill quickly when Steve brought it up.

And since we’re talking armor stuff, this gives me a chance to rec a couple of Avalon Protocol fics

Appraise Valuable Assets –> Launch Opportune Navigation (AVALON) by @gottalovev: The plan was that no one but Tony would know about the AVALON protocol until it was needed. Steve finds out and he’s pissed.

Please don’t make the sacrifice play by LenkaVittoriaElisse16: When Tony falls ill inside the suit after a mission and sleeps, Steve fears for the worst.

don’t apologize by @jehbeeeh: Tony’s voice sounded quickly in his ear but disappeared just as quickly.“Clint, what the hell was that?” Steve called out into the comms, as he smashed his shield into another bot before looking back up where he’d last seen Tony flying, the sight making his stomach churn“I have no clue, it just, went that way!”“How can you not know where your arrow goes?”

a love like an old home by Rowantreeisme: Iron Man goes missing. Tony Stark hasn’t been heard from in days. A package shows up at the mansion’s doorstep. Inside it, there’s a videotape with Avalon written on the side and a note stuck to the top that says, “watch me first.”

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