Supermodels/Fashion AUs

Supermodels/Fashion AUs

Hello 🙂 Thank for opening asks and doing this! Can I request for Supermodel AU/ Fashion AU fics? Steve or Tony are supermodels or just work in the fashion industry like photographers, fashion designers, or anything fashion related. Once again, thank you so much for the lists you compile, they are life savers :)))

That’s a fun one. Not many, but here you go!


Fashion Crush by @captainneverever:
An up-and-coming fashion photographer, Steve meets the model of his
dreams but believes he is way out of his league. Besides, he knows never
to mix romance with work.

Silver Needle by @arukou-arukou:
In the modeling world, Steve sees all kinds.

Fashion Imperium by Tacuma:
Tony Stark is a fashion designer. His work is known and worn worldwide,
he rules the world with his clothes. But as New York Fashion Week is
coming up, he lost all his inspiration. He accidently bumps into Steve
Rogers and the fashion designer is determind to make the hot blond his
muse. Problem is, Steve isn’t interested at all. Until he is.

constant communication (maybe we can get by without it) by @talesofsuspenses:  Tony can’t think of why he should stop sleeping around so much
when there’s a literal Adonis in front of him, very clearly interested.
He entertains the idea when it turns out that he’ll have to work with
him for his next project, but ultimately, dismisses it when his lips are
doing that.OR, Tony’s a model, Steve’s a photographer, they make it work (sort of).(for the model/influencer au square on imb)

New World by Kermits_Soft_Kitty:Pepper introduced Steve to Tony, Tony asked Steve if he wanted to see a movie and then everything went happily from there. (Inspired by how Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka met each other.)

You’ll Feel Alive by bubbly:
It’s Fashion Week in New York and everyone who matters is here to
judge and be judged.  Clint’s been steadfastly ignoring the gnawing
anxiety in the pit of his stomach all day.  He adjusts the silvery gray
jacket Tony had thrust at him earlier and smooths out an imaginary
crease in his linen pants.  Tony is an amazing artist, not just when it
comes to fashion, but in everything he does.  Clint has no doubt he’ll
be fine.  But try telling Tony that today and you’ll get hit.  Hard.

(main pairing is Clint/Coulson)

Iron Suit by stitchy:
In which “SuperTailor” Tony Stark designs everything and makes everyone look cooler and manages to become an Avenger, too.

And a couple with one of them as a photographer:

Tony Doesn’t Love Drama (It Loves HIm) by @tonystarkssnipples: Steve carefully folded his fingers together and took a
steadying breath. “With all due respect, sir, I do not think it would be
a wise idea for me to be a part of this project.”Steve seethed.
His boss did this all the time; talked him into doing things they both
knew were not good for Steve. In the end, Steve always went along with
what his boss said because that’s how jobs worked.-or- Steve is a photographer hired to take pictures of Tony Stark and they end up falling into bed together.

Picture This (series) by @imafriendlydalek:
Tony and Happy are having lunch when a camera shutter clicks behind him.
The photographer behind the lens might be hundred-ish pounds of
attitude balled up in a feisty blond package that only goes up to Tony’s
chin, but there’s something about that defiant look that Tony finds

Initiative by affectionatehomosexual: Tony’d always been told that there were two types of
people in the world: people that drink with you and people that make you
wanna drink.Steve Rogers falls undeniably into the second category.*Tony’s
a photographer who lets something slip during a shoot. It’s a
surprisingly effective catalyst for a pretty stellar relationship*