Animal Transformation 2

Animal Transformation 2

Do you have any recs where Steve/Tony turn into animals or have animal traits? Like shifters and/or because magic is used on them?

Here is the first list of Animal Transformation fics.  There are ton of these, so if you enjoy them, be sure to use the Ao3 search feature. Below are some more that you might like.


Puppy Love by @nanasekei: Steve gets turned into a corgi. Tony is trying to deal with it.

Fur Will Fly by Janonny @awesomelifechoices: Thanos’ minions invades Earth. At this critical juncture, Steve and Tony get turned into a dog and cat respectively.But that isn’t going to stop them from kicking ass. Or from bickering with each other either.

Curiosity Killed the Cat (Satisfaction Brought it Back) by Sandrene09: Written for the 2017 Cap-Ironman Holiday Exchange: Community Prompts: Tony has a major crush on Captain America despite not knowing who he is beneath the mask. He gets turned into a cat and the only way to turn back is for someone he loves to love him as he is. He obviously doesn’t have a chance with Cap. After wandering the streets, he gets taken in by an ordinary guy named Steve, who turns out to be pretty great, maybe even his chance at breaking the curse.

Mane Attraction by @bladeofthenebula27: Tony and Steve have been dancing around each other for months, and Tony’s so sure they’re finally getting somewhere. But when Steve suddenly goes missing, Tony has to search in the most unlikely places to find him, while wondering if he’s lost his chance forever.

a cat-astrophy of epic paw-portions by snarkstack: Loki turns Tony and Steve into domestic animals. Cuddles ensue.

Of Whiskey and Whiskers by @memorydragon: As if breaking up with Pepper wasn’t bad enough, AIM is back and Tony has been made team leader.  Not to mention Steve has been turned into a cat.  Tony needs way more alcohol before he can deal with this.

Turn Around Three Times and Lay Down by @ladyshadowdrake: Tony and Steve take a tumble through a portal of inky darkness. When they wake up, they’re not exactly feeling like themselves.

I feel Salem by marveltookmywallet: Loki turns Tony into a kitten, Tony is not happy, but he does enjoy the attention from Steve.

Steve and the Starkosaurus (the Round the Clock Remix) by @veldeia: A spell turns Tony into a Velociraptor, and somehow, Steve ends up dino-sitting. It’s not the worst day either of them have had.

Right Up the Road by @gottalovev: The day at the senate committee in Washington DC wasn’t supposed to end with Tony and Steve transformed into animals by a baby witch. That said, the 350 miles trek back to the compound to get help promises to be quite an adventure too!(or the adventures of Cat!Tony and Wolf!Steve – and how to readjust when you’re back to human!)

Slime is Sublime Redux by @ayapandagirl: Tony is a slug and Steve has to make him tiny slug clothes (now with 50% more slime!)

Valse des Cygnes by @ayapandagirl: The Ultimates are set to be the hottest new superhero team in America, but after the launch party Tony Stark’s armor is found wrecked and he’s presumed dead. Steve wants to get to the bottom of what really happened while the rest of the team is ready to move on

Bugfuck Crazy (In Love With You) by @sadisticsparkles: It’s the Avengers’ first mission in a long time. Everything is familiar but awkward, but Steve is sure they’ll find their groove.And then Tony is turned into a giant bug.Things get a little out of hand after that.

The Legend of Blu by @winterstar95: Legend told of a lion with blue eyes that appeared near the end of World War II. Alone it walked the Earth, looking for home but never finding it. As a boy, Tony read the stories and held his little toy lion close. It protected him through all his troubles. As a man, Tony must confront the fairy tale come true and summons the courage to bring a lion home.

You’re the GOAT, Steve by @firelightmystic: No one wants to address the elephant in the room. On the sidewalk, more accurately. And not an elephant, really, so much as a…A goat.Steve glances up at Tony to offer up a bit of comfort because, well, Tony looks like he really needs it, but when he opens his mouth to speak all that comes out is a startlingly loud bleat.Tony’s howl of frustration carries in the stricken aftermath.

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