Road Trip 2

Road Trip 2

Hi! I was wondering if you could do an update on road trip fics? Thanks!

Absolutely!  I love road trip fics. The first Road Trip rec list is here.  Here are some others you might enjoy:


The Great American Road Trip by SmileAndASong: “You know, when you said you were going to take me on a romantic vacation, I sort of thought the transportation was going to be…well, not this,” Tony said, gawking at the monstrous RV in front of him because, wow, it sure was a sight to behold and definitely not in a good way.[AKA, Steve coerces Tony into taking a cross-country road trip]

Funnel Cakes and Ferris Wheels by @jehbeeeh: Tony takes Steve on a road trip to help him relax before his last exam.

Waking Up in Vegas by @jehbeeeh: Let the Vegas road trip commence! What could happen, really?

For Heroes Proved by @neverthelessthesun: Steve and Tony take a much-needed vacation: a road trip around the good ol’ U S of A.

running into the sun by kiden: There are other people Steve could ask. Sam or Nat. Even Clint would make more sense. It’s not that they aren’t friends – they are, they’re good friends, hard won, fought for, worked on – it’s just weird. They can live together and fight together, but Tony’s not so sure a few weeks with just the two of them in a car is a good idea. It’s definitely not a smart idea. “Can you repeat that, please?”or: tony and steve go on a nice, soft road trip that brings them closer together.

Magnetic North by @msermesth: Tony joins Steve on his post-Secret Empire road-trip-slash-pity-party.Turns out the road home is paved with a lot of arguments and sex.

Offensive Maneuvers by @betheflame: Tony and Steve are stuck on a road trip to Becca Barnes’ wedding. Only problem? They hate each other. Or do they?

On the Road We Find the Journey Home by @navaanwrites: In the Aftermath of Secret Empire, Steve goes on his Road Trip to find out who Captain America can be after Hyda!Cap put fear into the hearts’ of the people who used to cheer for him. His thoughts trail back to Tony.

Four Times a Ride and One (the Road Trips Remix) by @navaanwrites: 4 times Tony takes Steve for a drive and one time their road trip gets cut short and is still a success.

Follow You to the Stars (and Beyond) by @navaanwrites: In the aftermath of saving the world from Thanos, a new era is dawning for the team called Avengers. Steve has stepped down as Captain America, Tony has taken a space vacation – and he too is making plans for his retirement. What better time than now to take a road trip through space?

familiar, unbidden by ohjustpeachy:  Tony was a great friend, and an even better teammate, once they got past the ugliness of their first few weeks together. He didn’t want to mess it up. He didn’t want to fall for the first person who was kind to him, who looked at him like a person rather than a medical marvel or a tactical miracle, in his whole long life. How pathetic would that be? Or, after a near-kiss with Tony, Steve takes off on a cross-country road trip in the hopes of making peace with his past and his present.

The End of the Road–remix by TameAVagrantLion: Three months after the Snap, Steve Rogers arrives at Bruce Banner’s house to find a severely depressed Tony Stark, and drag him onto a road trip that will change them both.

Even My Phone Misses Your Call by rainbowninja167:  Steve makes it all the way to Ohio before conceding that the post-Chitauri road trip might’ve been a mistake. Or, ten times Steve has to call Tony to come pick him up.

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