Pet Adoption

Pet Adoption

this might be too specific, but do u know of any fics where pets feature heavily? similar to that tony with cats/kittens list but more where it’s both of them or steve getting a pet?

Here’s the link for the Tony with Cats/Kittens rec list.  Also, did you know that if you search Ao3 for “pet” you get…a wide variety of works?  LOL.  Well, here are some that feature actual animals as pets.  Enjoy!


Steve Rogers (Extremely) Limited Adventures in Pet Sitting by IronSwordStarShield: 5 times Steve Rogers was asked to pet sit one of his friends pets and the 1 time he has a romantic-existential crisis that’s got nothing to do with pet sitting and everything to do with realizing his feelings for Tony at the worst possible time.

soft spot by talesofsuspense: Tony’s first thought when he sees Steve ducking into a room with a cardboard box is “oh no, what animal did he sneak in?”

Steve and His Cat (series) by talesofsuspense: There’s a million reasons he can’t and shouldn’t get a pet, but his therapist apparently thinks they’re all just bad excuses and tells him as much.

Must Love Dogs by @shernonm: Tony keeps away from dogs — he has his reasons. At least until he (literally) runs into Steve walking his puppy.

let’s do the impawssible by @nanasekei: Steve had always been good with dogs.

pussy paw-er by snarkstack: Steve is on his morning jog when he runs into a new furry friend.

Make it Home by @navaanwrites: Steve finds an abandoned kitten and takes it back to Avengers Tower. But would Tony be glad if he knew there was now a pet in the house?

Smitten by dreamkist: Tony, Steve, and the work of a feline mastermind.

Jink by @festiveferret: When Steve agrees to dog sit for Colonel Rhodes, he doesn’t expect Rhodes’ unusual, intriguing, and painfully attractive whirlwind of a best friend to show up unannounced.

The Pawfect Meeting by @festiveferret: Steve’s annoyed when a man brings his kid to the dog park without a dog – it’s a dog park, not a daycare – but the kid turns out to be calm and gentle, and the dad turns out to be smoking hot.Then he turns out to be sweet, and kind, and funny, and wonderful too…

Tony Stark May Be Terrible At Gift Giving by @soniclipstick: But you didn’t hear him say that out loud. “Mute, JARVIS.”  tumblr prompt by callipigyangoldfish:  One of them drunk purchasing something they really don’t need but feel they have to keep.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by @imafriendlydalek: Tony’s daughter is enamored by a German Shepherd they meet in the park. Tony is more interested in the dog’s owner.

Puppy Love by Pearl_Unplanned; Tony gets Steve a puppy but soon finds that he’s getting jealous of the dog.

Keep Me Warm At Night by @rose-on-the-mountain: Tony and Steve meet for business, but a storm blows in and everything gets a little more intense.

Puppy Love by SpecificRim: “How have you never had a pet?” he asked in disbelief. Tony Stark: The Man Who Has It All apparently hasn’t had it all.Tony rolled his eyes and stirred his coffee quickly, spoon tapping against the ceramic loudly. “I’ve had pets,” he drawled. “I’ve made pets.”

Stabilizing Force by @kiyaar: Tony gets Steve a puppy.

Suzie, that Motherfucking Demonic Beastly Animal by AngeNoir  @outercorner: Tony did not ask to be a parent, especially not to a motherfucking demonic beastly animal.The rest of the Avengers are sympathetic. Steve, the ass, doesn’t even notice.

Mob Dog by arianapeterson19: They hadn’t intended to adopt a dog. Really. Steve was very sure he hadn’t meant to adopt a dog.ORThe one where it’s pure fluff.

who’s (not) your daddy? by brucewaynery: “Daddy’s home!” Steve says excitedly to Dodger as Tony comes into the living room.“Don’t fill it’s head with lies,” Tony grumbles, though the effect is lost entirely when he gives Dodger a treat and all the scratches he wants.

dog’s days by brucewaynery: Tony looks at the bundle of fluff in Steve’s arms.He mentally prepares himself to become the adoptive father of a dog before Steve even opens his mouth.

No Name Puppy, Meet Tony Stark by @betheflame: Steve surprises Tony with a puppy. That’s the fic.

Someone to Watch Over Me by windscryer: Tony has a strict no pet policy in the tower. Which of course means the place is going to become a zoo.Dammit, Romanoff.

Our Own Bright Future by DepressingGreenie @darthbloodorange: Tony and Steve go down to the shelter a adopt a dog.

Almost Washed Away by dante_s_hell: Tony and Pepper break up. Tony doesn’t handle it well, but luckily Steve is there to help.

there’s no place i’d rather be, without you beside me by ircnshield: “I don’t think he wants you to leave,” Natasha jokes from the couch.“Yeah, no kidding,” Tony says as he bends down to scratch behind the dog’s ear. “Look, buddy, I’ll give you a treat if you stop looking at me like that and let me go down to my lab.”Dodger, seemingly unimpressed, walks closer towards Tony’s shoes, turns his body around, and simply drops his body on top of them.

Stallion, Schmllion by @magicasen:  “JARVIS?”  “Yes, sir?”  “Did my boyfriend just ditch me for a horse?”

I’ve got the reins, I’ll take care of you by EspressoPatronum: Tony pouted but didn’t complain anymore. “This is insane, we’re commandeering a HYDRA horse. Who even rides horses anymore? We have motorcycles, which are basically just better horses, what’s the point of an actual horse?”The horse actually neighed then and Steve grinned a little bit. “Be nice, you’re upsetting Dodger.” He started petting Dodger’s mane then as if to soothe him, and Tony rolled his eyes.“I can’t believe you named him, Steve.”“I can’t help it, he’s just so cute! Do you think we could keep him?”

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