Arguing with a Happy Ending

Arguing with a Happy Ending

Do you know any recs where Steve and Tony are arguing and it’s a bit angsty? But with a happy ending?

Try the Arguments Lead to Revelations recs, which probably has most of what you are looking for, but here are a few recent ones you might enjoy:


The storm shall pass by @s-horne :There was no sign of sun and nothing but grays were
settled on the horizon. The cold had been creeping in all day, the wind
picking up just as their argument had started. Tony couldn’t even
remember what it had been about, only that it was long and loud and
explosive. Steve had walked out just as the heavens had opened, the
slamming of the front door coinciding with the first rumble of thunder. Perfectly fitting.

Heart of a Hero by AetherSprite:
Steve and Tony argue, learn a little more about each other, then they make up.

Artificial by Fox (Spacefoxen):
Steve and Tony get in small argument about what constitutes a ‘real’ banana.

what breaks hearts by @gottalovev:
Steve expected Tony to be mad, not to ignore him completely.

if you leave by @capn-shellhead:
After so many months passing each other in silence, Steve and Tony find a
marriage counselor to try to work through their issues with

Make Me by @navaanwrites:
Steve wants Tony to stay and he knows just the method to make him

Almost Always by Catchclaw: “Is it physically impossible for you to agree with me?”
Tony says. “Like, does it make you gag or something, doing what you’re
told, what I ask?””No,” Steve says. “Not always. Only when you’re wrong.”