Forgetting Important Dates

Forgetting Important Dates

Hey there! First I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with the fic recs, you are awesome! Second, I was wondering if you have any fics in which Steve forgets the anniversary marking some huge sort of his relationship with Tony?

I only know a couple kind of like that, but here you go:

Divine Normalcy: Flashback to the First (part of Divine Normalcy series) by @musicalluna: “Steve. Ah, do you know what yesterday was?”Ice spreads through Steve’s blood.April 24th,
is the inane response that comes to mind, but it has to be something
more than that, a meeting, a gala, something important, but what?

tie a ribbon ‘round my finger (to remind me that i’m yours) by @musicalluna:
Steve has forgotten something important and he’s not sure he’s going to figure it out on time.

Another Wasted Year by lweilaura:
“If I may, Happy Birthday, Sir” JARVIS’s voice echoed through the living
room, unheard by anyone but him, and he could swear that his robot
sounded a bit sad.

Tony’s Birthday by AgentofMarvel:
Tony’s birthday had all but been forgotten, but a phone message may re-ignite emotions Tony was trying to forget.

Also, here are a few with Tony forgetting:

More Than Imperfect by @ironlawyer:
Tony forgets an important date and Steve tries to help him through his grief.

American Birthday by MysticWolfShadow:
It’s been almost a year, and Steve’s birthday rolls around. But no one knows.

Happy Anniversary by @robintcj:
Steve wakes up alone on his and Tony’s 10-year anniversary. He probably shouldn’t be surprised, but as it becomes clear Tony has forgotten the day, he becomes more and more disappointed.

Shower Shenanigans by lilnaugrim:
Tony forgets he has a date with his husband the previous night and has to pay for it in the morning!

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