Insomniac Steve

Insomniac Steve

Do you know of any fics that feature Steve maybe suffering from insomnia or being a workaholic. I know there’s a lot of that for Tony but I haven’t been able to find many of Steve. Thanks 💕💕

Steve and sleep problems go hand in hand in my mind.  Check out the Nightmare recs, but here are some with insomniac Steve for you (a number of these do feature both of them having issues, btw):


Sleep Protocol by @51st: You might assume that Steve Rogers, a super soldier,
wouldn’t have any sleep-related problems, since he is an optimal
physical specimen in the bloom of health.You would be wrong.But you know, there are certain conditions.

Morpheus Bound by @winterstar95: Steve slept for 70 years, what would happen if he couldn’t sleep again.“No,
no, it’s not too much. It’s all there, and I’m here and I’m not
supposed to be, I cannot sleep. Do you get it? I can’t sleep. I slept
for seventy years, and I can’t sleep now. I can’t sleep.” Steve trembles
and sways on the dock.

All It Is by ashinan:
Steve can’t sleep. Granted, neither can Tony.

Late Night Cuddles by @ayapandagirl;
Steve can’t sleep.

Irregular Sleeping Habits by missingnolovefic:
Sometimes Steve can’t sleep. Sometimes Tony is there.

Come Over Here and Make Me by knobblyfruit:
In which Tony just wants to sleep (for once) and Steve is being difficult (but not in the sexy way).

this is a dream by ibstudent:
Steve is seriously sleep deprived and seriously crushing on Tony. The
combination makes for an interesting getting together story.

When You Can’t Sleep by khaleesikraken:
Tony’s away on a business trip for Stark Industries, and Steve can’t sleep without the light from his arc reactor.

Flash Fics for New Comics–Captain America #2 by @msermesth:
Steve can’t sleep.

Protective Protocol by love_in_the_stars: “Says the guy responsible for Tony getting hurt!”Those words kept repeating in his head because as much as they were
said out of false anger, they still had a shard of truth to them, didn’t
-Steve can’t sleep after the events of the first two episodes (Avengers Assemble)

Two AM Colors by love_in_the_stars:
It’s late and Steve can’t sleep but he’s not the only one still up.

the only thing i ever held sacred was your name by fleurting:
Steve’s an insomniac. Tony sleepwalks.

That for Destruction, Ice by @blossomsinthemist:
Even after all this time, Steve still wakes up with nightmares about the
ice.  Luckily, now Tony is there to help, however he can.

Just a Little Insomnia by lunenightengale:
It’s not just insomnia that plagues Steve. In fact, he is letting more
than his lost past eat at him. Tony is an enigma that people write off
instead of trying to understand him. What makes it worse is he did it as
well. Now he wants to figure the genius out… and possibly rebuild the
burned bridge between them.

For the Wheel’s Still in Spin by @arukou-arukou:
Steve Rogers is a man of action, but in this brave new century, there’s
no action to be had. A man without a mission, all he has to linger on
are the people he let down and the lives he failed to save, and he is so
very alone. Nights eat at him and days pass in a blur, and Tony Stark
is the only person who seems to notice just how badly the Captain is

(mind the warnings, as it deals with a lot of Steve’s issues)

Insomnia for Dummies by tartan_suitcase (miss_whimsy):
Set during Avengers: Age of Ultron. Tony can’t sleep. Steve can’t sleep. They talk instead.

Slumber by @cnjrupasmle: “‘Especially Steve,’ was probably more like it.
Semantics, the mechanic decided.  He had wanted world peace, created a
killer robot that did its damnedest to wipe out the human race, and had
been just as upset with himself as his teammates had been with him.  It
was simple when you broke it down, really.Either way, it didn’t make sharing a bed with Steve Rogers any easier while they were laying low at Clint’s farm.”Tony
can’t sleep.  It seems like Cap can’t either, so they become insomniacs
together.  That is, until they find a solution to their problem.  Tony
has to figure out what it all means and what he wants, but he never can
seem to keep from getting in his own way.

The Dangers of Loving an Artist by orphan_account:
Steve makes use of a unique canvas.

Late At Night by @kurowrites:
Steve can’t sleep because the person living in the apartment over him makes a racket every single night.

Work It Out by LightsOut:
When Tony can’t sleep at night his workshop isn’t the only place he
goes. It started long before Tony and Steve bumped into each other in
the personal gym at three in the morning but they finally worked some
things out.