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Steve is Jealous of Stephen Strange

Hi! Do you know any fanfics where both Steve and Stephen are fighting for Tony?? And in the end steve ends up with Tony? Thanks! 🙂 I only know of a handful that don’t end in IronStrange (seems to have been a post-CACW thing), but here you go: VERY STRANGE NOT TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND

Artistic Writing

Do you know any fics that are written very artistic. I love when the writing style is unique and like beautiful. I love you and your work so much, and thank you for taking the time to create all these Masterpost. This was an interesting ask, and I’ve tried to include a lot of different

Happy International Ass Day!

Yes, that’s a thing. The Furries said so.  Anyway, in celebration, here are some fics that appreciate the glory that is Steve Rogers’ ass. LOVE AN ASS, DON’T BE AN ASS!  LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Hammer Dat Ass by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly): When hacking into Tony Stark’s satellites, Justin Hammer makes an interesting

Steve Isn’t Captain America, But Tony is Iron Man

Hi, do you have anymore fics where Steve doesn’t have his powers but tony does??? Thanks ever so much! Here are a few suggestions for you (hat tip to Discord for the help): LET’S HEAR IT FOR COMMENTS AND KUDOS! with a decent happiness by torigates:  Tony Stark is Iron Man. Steve Rogers isn’t, and

Professor and Teacher 2

Can you do and updated list of fics that are AUs where they’re both teachers/ or professors? The first list is here.  Here are some more Professor or Teacher recs. Enjoy! GET HIGH MARKS BY LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Pina Coladas by NotEvenClosetoStraight: Professor Steve Rogers and Grad Student Tony Stark are

Alpha Steve and Omega Tony

Abo stony with alpha Steve and omega Tony. Check the previous lists, but here are some recent A/B/O fics with Alpha Steve and Omega Tony that you might enjoy. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of fics in this category, so check the author’s other works and go through the tag b/c

Tower Break-In

Have you read any fics where the villain breaks into the tower (while the avengers are just chilling) and they get into a fight there? Idk if it’s too specific sorry! Love your fic recs!!❤️ After searching and asking for help on Discord, I wasn’t able to come up with much of anything except some

Comic Storylines in MCU

I love your fic recs! Was so happy to see your asks open so I could request this. I have looked and I don’t think I’ve seen a list like this. Sorry if I’ve missed it. Do you have any recs of comic book storylines being retold in the MCU? With Stony involved in the

Athlete Steve AUs

hi!! can you rec some athlete!steve/profootballer steve fics pretty please? There is a list of Baseball AUs and Quarterback Steve/Geek Tony AUs, so check those out. There aren’t many pro-footballer AUs (assuming you mean soccer, lol, sorry, American here!). There are a couple, and a lot of American football player Steve AUs, some of which

Iron Man is Hacked

Hey, do you happen to know any fics where the Iron Man suit is hacked? Thanks for all your recs they are amazing! I’ve found so many great Stony fics through your blog! Glad you are enjoying the blog. The only ones that I could find for your suit is hacked ask are: As Sharp

De-Aged/Age Regression 2

Hello! I know you have done de-aged stony before but would you mind giving us an updated list? Thank you so much for this wonderful blog!! Sure, Anon. De-Aged or Kid Tony is here.  More De-Aged/Age Regression is here. Here are some more you might enjoy: REMEMBER YOUR MANNERS AND LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR

Animal Transformation 2

Do you have any recs where Steve/Tony turn into animals or have animal traits? Like shifters and/or because magic is used on them? Here is the first list of Animal Transformation fics.  There are ton of these, so if you enjoy them, be sure to use the Ao3 search feature. Below are some more that

Road Trip 2

Hi! I was wondering if you could do an update on road trip fics? Thanks! Absolutely!  I love road trip fics. The first Road Trip rec list is here.  Here are some others you might enjoy: NEW ROAD TRIP GAME: LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! The Great American Road Trip by SmileAndASong: “You

Pet Adoption

this might be too specific, but do u know of any fics where pets feature heavily? similar to that tony with cats/kittens list but more where it’s both of them or steve getting a pet? Here’s the link for the Tony with Cats/Kittens rec list.  Also, did you know that if you search Ao3 for

Popsicles and Ice Cream

Inspired by @pineapplebread‘s art, here are some recs featuring popsicles and ice cream.  Why are the popsicle ones mostly porn and the ice cream ones mostly domestic fluff? Anyway, enjoy! COMMENTS AND KUDOS MAKE YOUR AUTHORS MELT! The Popsicle Incident by shoot_to_thrill: There was no possible way that Steve was doing it on purpose. He

Insecure Steve 2

I love it when fics deal with Steve being a bit insecure.  The first Insecure Steve list is here, but here are some more recs for you: DON’T BE INSECURE ABOUT LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS! just friends (?) by (desitonystark) @ad1thi: Tony did this, thing where he fell in love with his friends. All of

Armor Kink 2

About time for an updated list!  The first Armor Kink list is here.  Here are some other suggestions for you: RUN PROGRAM: COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Automated Fucking (series) by IOnlyWriteWhenCarmelyzed: Steve gets bent over by one of Tony’s Iron Man suits Knot Me Not by Bill_Longbow:  When their omega is away on

Not Really a Villain Tony 2

The first Not Really A Villain Tony list is here, but  here are a few newer ones. Enjoy! HEROES LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR THEIR AUTHORS! The Corruption of Captain America by the Villain Tony Stark by ladilin: (WIP) Iron Man paused. “Oh my god. You thought I was a robot.”“No, I—” Steve felt his

Time Travel Recs

Hey have you anything new time travel recs Time Travel to the Future and Time Travel to the 40′s lists are done,and there is also one for Time Travel for Short Periods of Time and one for Steve Goes Back, but with Endgame, tons of new options out there, and some oldies but goodies.  Here

Place as a Character

hello! hi! thank you so much for creating such extensive and wonderful rec lists, i wouldn’t know how to navigate this fandom without them. anyway, i was wondering if you had read any fics that feature places as a prominent character/theme? like fics that talk about new york city/brooklyn/manhattan/other places and steve and tony’s relationship

Magic/Supernatural Rec List

Hi! Thanks for your wonderful rec lists. Would you make a list of AUs with magic and/or supernatural stuff? Magic!  I was just watching Harry Potter, so this is perfect timing for a list.  If you want HP Stony recs, check out the list @ishipallthings put together.  You might also like the Vampires and Werewolves

Protective JARVIS/Bots

Hello, I love your blog so much and blame you for my lack of sleep (I also love all your fics omg). I was wondering if you had any fics with protective!JARVIS/bots, sorta like In Deep Water. Especially if it’s bc Steve/the team don’t know about Tony and accidentally do something that hurts him. Thanks


Can I please request for fics with discipline and punishment themes? Could be a/b/o, BDSM relationship or anything else! (This may or may not have been directly inspired by The Prize :P) Thank you for all the work you put in! Punishment!  I kind of love that trope, especially when it’s a bit creative.  You

Fluff 4

We could all use some fluff right now, couldn’t we?  Be sure to check out the Fluff and More Fluff and Fluff Part 3 lists. There is also Fluff and Smut.  Here are some recent recs you might enjoy.  Everyone hang in there! Playtime Romance by @jehbeeeh: “Daddy, come ON,” the little voice squealed as he tried

Horngry Fics (Food Kink)

Hi Sabre! Here’s me asking for horngry fics I took your ask to be for food kink type fics, so hopefully, that’s what you meant!  Here are some suggestions, some of which are more about food and some of which are more about kink, but lots of fun to explore. YOUR AUTHORS ARE HUNGRY FOR

Stony Fics for Quarantine

Hopefully, those who can are staying home.  Here are some great long fics and fics featuring quarantine that you might enjoy to help pass the time.  There are also some other lists to check out:  Long Fics 1, Long Fics 2, Long Bottom Steve Fics, Long, Somewhat Plotty BDSM, and Long, Angsty Slow Burns.  Stay

Endgame Fix-Its

endgame fixits pls? Who can resist a good fix it, right?  Here are some suggestions for you!  I would note that a lot of these seem to be tagged “fix it of sorts” so…lol, I think a lot of authors have had some things to work out! COMMENTS AND KUDOS ARE THE ONLY THINGS THAT

The Boys in Makeup

Not an ask, but we were talking about it on the Stony MCU Discord, so here you go! Steve wearing make-up Lipstick Stain My Heart by ohmyloki: It was only a small thought, really. It shouldn’t have meant anything. But Tony’s thoughts can be dangerous. One can start out life as a brief flicker in

Fics About the 1940s

i have a bit of a odd request and i think it might be difficult to find, so sorry in advance if it’s too specific or anything. im looking for fics that talk at length about life (both good and bad) in the 40s? i know a lot of canon-based fics mention it, but i

Long A/B/O Fics

Hello! Can you recommend some A/B/O long fics? It doesn’t matter whether the Alpha is Tony or Steve. Thank you! Long A/B/O fics!  Yes, some of my favorites to read. Here are some that are all more than 20K in length. LONG OR SHORT, ALL NICE COMMENTS ARE AWESOME! Alpha Steve Stetsons and Schoolteachers by