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Dom!Pre-Serum!Steve and sub!Tony

Hi! Do you have any fics where it’s sub tony and dom skinny Steve? Thank you so much! Only a few, but here you go! COMMENTS OF ANY SIZE ARE GREAT! Tiny Dom Steve (series) by RoseRose: Tiny Dom Steve with his sub and boyfriend Tony Yes, Sir by mortenavida: Tony Stark’s biggest secret is

Gentle Dom!Steve 2

I hope I didn’t just miss it, but if this is a re-ask of course ignore! Do you know of many gentle/caretaker dom!Steve fics? The always excellent blossomsinthemist has a few I think, but I don’t know of many others! Thanks so much for all your recs! There is a Gentle Dom Steve list here,

Orgasm Delay/Denial

Hi Sabre! Do you know of any fics with orgasm delay (especially delay) or denial? Everyone loves their smut with a bit of edging, right?? Thank you 😀 An Anon after my heart.  Here are some suggestions for you: DON’T DELAY LEAVING COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Patience by Dienaziscum: After a night out

Non-Sexual sub!Tony

Hi! Could you give me some recommendations of dom!Steve and sub!Tony? Not only about sex stuff, but also Tony doing something submissive to Steve? I hope I don’t confuse you! Thank you for your wonderful blog, it keeps my fangirling side alive. Interesting!  First, try the Gentle Dom Steve recs. Okay, so I admit that

Gentle/Caring Dom Steve

Oooh boy, ok this is sort of embarrassing. I have a thing for sub Tony and Steve taking care of him. Do you have any like that? Sort of needy bottom Tony and caring steve? I recently read From You I Cannot Hide by SailorChibi and really enjoyed it. I can think of a few

Safeword Use

So we’ve got some really awesome safe and consensual fics where safe-words and green-yellow-red systems are in place…. and I was wondering if you had any recs where they had to be used. Only a couple come to mind, but here you go.  If anyone knows others, please speak up! COMMENTS AND KUDOS ARE DEFINITELY


We need a DomTony/SubSteve rec sabrecmc-archive: Luckily, there are some wonderful works in that trope, so, here are some of my favorites! Held (series) by @festiveferret and @ashes0909:  37 glorious works of Sub!Steve and Dom!Tony.  Treat yo’self. I Won’t Leave You Falling by @blossomsinthemist: Tony doms for Steve, which involves some specially enhanced red rope,