Safeword Use

Safeword Use

So we’ve got some really awesome safe and consensual fics where safe-words and green-yellow-red systems are in place…. and I was wondering if you had any recs where they had to be used.

Only a couple come to mind, but here you go.  If anyone knows others, please speak up!


Might Have Cherished You More Wisely by @blossomsinthemist: “You didn’t fuck it up,” he said, again, keeping his
voice even, steady, with an effort of will.  “I was the one who redded
out.”“I was the one who made you,” Tony said.  “Let’s not play around.”–
Or, Steve and Tony are together before the incursion crisis starts, and
since Tony can’t find a way to break it off after Steve’s mindwipe
without tipping him off that something big has changed, they stay
together.  They’ve tried dom/sub scenes before, and try one again, but
this time, Tony’s guilt makes it much harder for him to handle than he
expected … .

Nostalgia by @some-blue-jack (WiP):
“Fuck my life.  Why me?” Tony asked. (long fic, and there is safewording out, totally worth the read)

Teetering on the Edge by brofancy:
For the prompt dark!Steve collaring Tony and him not taking it so well.

Attachment by @sineala:
Tony tries to scare Steve away with his kinkiest old works of fanfiction
about the two of them together. Steve refuses to be frightened.

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