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Social Media

Thanks so much for these recs! And was wondering if you have any good social media type ones featured heavily? Like how people react to their relationship or getting together?

Check out the recs for where the Media Plays a Big Part, but here are some social media/online recs for you!


Gone (Cat)Fishing by firelord_zutara:
In which Tony and Steve both have fake Twitter accounts that happen to meet online.  Really, it was all Clint’s fault.

Status Update: It’s Complicated by sierra451: Steve Rogers is freaked out by the popularity of social
media sites in the twenty first century. He doesn’t get the hype and
shies away from them until he notices Tony spends too much time on them
and wonders what the heck he’s up to.(Basically Steve Facebook stalks Tony)

XOXO by @arukou-arukou:
Nat signs Steve up for a Grindr-esque website in an effort to find him love. Too bad he’s not so thrilled about it.

Breaking Facebook by HepG2:
A sex recording with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark found its way to
Facebook. Problem is, Steve has no recollection of it ever happening.
Cue a manhunt for Tony, a weird-as-heck explanation and maybe, a

Waffles by @tonystarkssnipples: Tony loved the blog “DON’T LET BEING BROKE IN YOUR TWENTIES STOP YOU FROM DELICIOUS MEALS” by s.g.r. When he wasn’t trying to recreate s.g.r.’s recipes, he was at the nearby restaurant Singular Fingular, where he’d flirt with the cute waiter, Steve.Little does Tony know that s.g.r. and Steve are the same person.

#supergays #avengersgate by AgeofAlejandro: Sweetie Sarah @sweetsweetsarah OMG! Captain America & Iron Man are so cute! #cute #avengers #gay #captainamerica #ironman  And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how Steve and Tony are outed. Web 2.0 America reacts.

Something Missing by samptra:
Something is missing in Steve’s life, unsure what, he finds himself
looking in all the wrong places when he should be looking right in front
of him.

Multi-Tasking by Jaune_Chat:
Tony Stark may have invented Twitter.

Virtually Perfect by chubbychoco:
Steve and Tony have decided to meet their online dating partners…of
course, they have no idea they’re each other’s matches.  Also, Clint and
Bruce are meddling little shits.

Trying It Out by Lancinate:
Tony gets kind of curious about his sexuality and decides to deal with
that the old fashioned way, by going online and soliciting random
strangers. When Steve finds out, he offers up his services. Things don’t
go how either of them would have expected.

The Avengers vs. Twitter by kyaticlikestea: The Avengers shouldn’t be allowed to use Twitter. Clint mistakenly believes he’s been involved in a threesome. Tony
doesn’t want to be Lithuanian any more. Loki is drinking from the goblet
of craziness. Fury is not paid enough for this shit.

Full Disclosure by MemoryDragon:
Steve Rogers wants to know more about his best friend online, but Iron
doesn’t believe in full disclosure when it comes to his own weak points. by @emeraldine087: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark live in the Avengers Tower
with the rest of the team but they may as well be living in different
planets for all the things they can’t seem to see eye to eye on. Steve
has deep seated misconceptions about Tony, and really, Tony just thinks
Steve is a dick. They may work well in the field together, but as far as
their personal dealings with each other go, they don’t know jack shit
about one another.STEM is an unexpected Internet phenomenon–it’s
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, eBay, Goodreads, Skype and Amazon all
rolled into one. And all the Avengers are in it with Steve being the
most recent one to join. And Steve is just starting to really get into
it, too especially after meeting heir2mecha.realm who is an amazing conversationalist–witty, smart, mysterious and remarkably thoughtful, and Steve can’t help but trust him.But
is Steve ready to discover the man behind the mystery? Or will his
misconceptions smother what feeble fire has been ignited between two
people who have more to offer each other than what they’re prepared to

Fangirls Make Them Break Up (or, Steve Rogers Versus the Internet) by @mushroomhobbit:
Tony attempts to break up with Steve because of haters on the Internet. Steve is not having any of it.

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